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Wagons of Steel and Wagons of Steel North fielded a huge presence at the latest Pacific Raceways Mopar Nationals. We had seven race cars, a show car, and a total car count of at least fourteen, plus the RV and the trailers. There was some grumbling among the participants about the lack of promotion and the typically low Seattle area Mopar event car count but we didn't care, we had a blast! 

Would you rather have a '71 Cuda or an '09 Challenger? It's really a shame that Mopar dumped Plymouth before they unveiled the new pony car line. Wouldn't it be great to have an '09 Cuda to bookend the Challenger? Both owners had huge grins plastered on their faces for the whole weekend. The owner of the new Challenger graciously answered questions and allowed people check out everything you can think of. Up close, in person, this is truly a sweet car. I would imagine that any new model bugs should have been worked out by now in the similar Chrysler 300s and Dodge Chargers, so they're ready for driving. This guy was putting lots of miles on his. 

Yeah it's a... very tidy new car engine with "HEMI" written on the valve covers but I did bask in this car owners glee at owning this new Hemi car and I am so very glad to finally have something flashy from Mopar to match the plastic fantastic new generation Mustangs. I wasn't alone. If it wasn't for the illness in the automobile industry, insanely escalating fuel prices, and the economy, I would emphatically predict that the roads will soon be flooded with these things. You never know, this is the best car to wear the "Challenger" name plate since 1974. I hope they do make a bunch of them. I want a used V6 convertible in a few years for my wife or daughter to drive. Don't take this the wrong way, but this would make a great chick car. I already have too many race cars. 

We don't need no stinkin' spare! The spare tire is the rechargeable pump on the left. Check out the trunk mounted battery! All the drag racers appreciated that touch. We've all heard of the new "package" race cars. If you haven't, look them up. The way I've heard it, they're going to be similar to the '68 Hemi Darts and Barracudas--race only, lightened and unfinished--but with a choice of three engines. It sounds like good fun for the rich folks. I can't wait to see them in action. 

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