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Each year the legendary “Beaver Bob” McCardle has a real nostalgic race at his “nostalgic” and equally legendary Beaver Springs Dragway. The track is certainly not what you would call state-of-the-art ,with its relatively narrow surface and lack of concrete barriers between the track and spectators, but both the track and its owner are favorites of the Nostalgia doorslammer racing clan and they make the race a “must attend” each year.

The 2008 event was no exception and the place was filled with Mopar’s cars and stars from the 1960’s. As seems to be the norm this season, rain interfered with the racing, but didn’t stop it, although the race wasn’t completed due to three long rain delays!

We once again sent DRO photographer Todd Dziadosz to the event with the task of telling the race story with his photography. As usual he delivered.  Enjoy!

1. BSD track owner “Beaver Bob” McCardle interviews Mopar Max contributor Geoff Stunkard.
2. Carman Garro from New Jersey made the tow to BSD to compete in Nostalgia ET with his Cuda.
3. Another rare 426 Hemi showing the crowd his oil pan and headers.
4. 42 Nostalgia Super Stockers made time shots during the Nostalgia Nationals at BSD.
5. Curt George takes flight while Hemi Fred is a bit tardy at the drop of the flag.


Photos by Todd Dziadosz -