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Some Mopar shows are so packed with cool sights they just plain deserve more than one story to deliver the goods. Such is the case with the annual Spring Fling extravaganza, held at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA – the largest all-Mopar show and parts exchange west of the Mississippi. Hosted by Chrysler Performance West, this year’s Spring Fling – the 22nd annual – took place on May 3 and 4. Check out last month’s edition of MoparMax for Part One of our coverage.

This time, let’s continue our walk through the swap meet and car show and remember, if you feel a bit left out, book your airplane tickets now for Fall Fling Thirteen, to be held on October 18, 2008. More information is available at www.cpwclub.com or by calling the CPW hotline at 818/759-1779.

This unmolested, three owner ’67 Barracuda came with the original purchase order and was offered for $9500. One of 30,110 built, these BH29 fast backs outsold the new-for-’67 BH23 hardtops by a narrow margin (28,196 built) and BH27 convertibles (4,228 built) by a huge margin. Thanks to the sleek new styling, overall 1967 Barracuda sales were up 64-percent over the outgoing Valiant-based BP29 “big glass” 1966 models.

Above: Though 1967 Barracudas were available with 273s and 383s right out of the gate, this one’s got the basic B-code 225 Slant Six. But that’s where the austerity ends on this otherwise loaded example. Check out the completely original interior with dealer add-on air conditioning. Factory A/C would use pushbutton activated climate controls instead of the sliding levers (above the radio) used on converted non-A/C cars like this one.

Left: A look at the original purchase order shows that on October 2, 1967, Harry and Doris Evans of Fresno, CA walked into Muller Gordon Chrysler Plymouth in Berkeley, CA. and bought this fish. Though the base price was $2,638, the Evans’ added bucket seats, décor group, automatic transmission, radio, power steering, the California-mandated Cleaner Air Package, console, tinted windshield, heavy duty suspension and 6.95-14 white side wall tires for an off-the-lot price tag of $3,031.30, including tax and licensing fees. Note there’s no factory installed A/C; the Evans’ likely saved a significant sum by having the under-dash unit added by Sears or some similar aftermarket entity. No-secrets cars like this are very hard to find these days and are usually worth the price premium.