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The Year One Experience continued to thrill both participants and spectators in the hills of north Georgia. Held on the spacious grounds of the Road Atlanta course, the Experience allows owners to try their hand at various performance disciplines, including the world-famous road course, wet and dry autocross events, a 0-60-0 braking run (sponsored by Stainless Steel Brakes), and others. It is also the site of one of the best Pro Touring and street modified musclecar shows in the nation, with the company awarding its prestigious Year One Cup (and $5,000 in parts support) based on a secret ballot process.

As in years past, the event did feature Chrysler participants, including test rides in Year One’s own 440-powered 1973 Challenger that has been built to specifically run exhibitions on this circuit. And, just like last year, the Mopars gave everyone a run for their money. For more info on the Experience and next year’s event, go to www.yearone.com. It would be great to see more of the Pentastar brigade on hand to become ‘experienced.’   

By Geoff Stunkard -
Photos by Geoff Stunkard, John Stunkard, and Josh Castell