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Mopars shine at Maple Grove’s ‘Geezers at the Grove’

The annual ‘Geezers at the Grove” nostalgia race at Maple Grove Raceway in Pennsylvania is one of the premier events on the East Coast. Every year hundreds of the finest nostalgia cars show up for this event.  Although it is open to all brands, we sent Mopar Max staff photographer Todd Dziadosz to the race to shoot Mopars and Mopar-powered cars. We present for your approval and entertainment the best of Mopar Geezers at the Grove.


Frank Barnard was one of the 11 Alky floppers that were in attendance. He did not participate in the Funny Car Eliminations for some reason. Very nice looking Arrow, though.


Alan Banome of Wappingers Falls, NY, ran his 1923 T-roadster powered by a blown 426 ci KB to a winning 7.560 seconds at 174.12 mph.

Ed Kowaslski’s Hemified roadster is definitely ‘old school’. Ed and the Chrysler-powered roadster won a Top Eliminator title in 1957 at the dragstrip in Manassus, VA. That track is still active as an eighth mile track currently

Todd saw this old school Hemi-powered roadster in the lanes. It is powered by a small (365ci) block Hemi. The owner says makes 355 horsepower. We really like the 4-1 megaphone header program.