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Photos and Words by Darr Hawthorne
Photo Illustration by Matt Schramel

pare time is easily filled
here is Southern California
if you’re a classic car freak and, if you are a Mopar freak there’s a lot to look at while walking around local drive-ins on Friday nights, charity car shows, museum gatherings and cruise nights.  This summer I took the time and gas to hit as many of these cool car events as could be found – all around SoCal,
and with my camera in hand
photographed some of the
unique restored and not so
restored Mopars of our past.

There’s a funny thing about most
car shows though, many of the
Mopars and hot rods you’ll find
parked will be ownerless, the
owners are probably off wandering around looking at the other cars on display or downing a burger and shake.

Here are a bunch of Chrysler products, some date as far back as the luxurious 1930’s, rat rods and cruisers of the 50’s and muscle from the 60’s and early 70’s.  Eye candy for all!

The owner
of this Imperial sedan
said that most people who
come over to this driver
would photograph
the taillights, truly
a unique design
of the period.

I liked
them too!