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Mopars a plenty. We saw many clean Darts at the Monster weekend including these two. (Jeff Burk photo)

Monster of a Mopar Weekend

Anyone ready for a large dose of MOPAR?

Here is a look at the brand new alky-burning, fuel-injected, 540-inch Mopar wedge engine sitting in the Mopar Max dragster. Tune-up and torque converter issues kept the car from going quicker than 7.92. We expect the car to run 7.70’s the next outing.

It has been a few years since I attended and raced at the SS Promotion’s Monster Mopar Weekend. Since you read our magazine I would guess that you are a Mopar fan. If that’s the case you owe it to yourself to get out of that recliner and go to an event like this. This event was held at Gateway International Raceway in Madison, Illinois, just across the Mississippi River from St. Louis, MO. The oval track at Gateway hosts NASCAR Busch cars and Craftsman trucks and that pit area is where the swap meet and car show portion of the event is held. You can take a shuttle from there, or walk the ¼ mile or so, and you are at the drag strip part of the racing complex.

Kansas City area racer John Troxel had his Donovan-powered Mopar Funny Car on hand at St. Louis for some exhibition passes.

Once at the drag racing part of Gateway International you can find every type of Mopar drag car on the planet. From ’72 AMC Matadors to fully restored nostalgia Super Stock Hemi cars to fastest Mopar-powered Top Sportsman and Top Dragster race machines. At this event there were reportedly almost 500 Mopar and Mopar-powered cars in attendance from exhibition cars to bracket cars to the nostalgia Super Stockers. If you had a Mopar-powered vehicle and you wanted to race it, there was a class for you to compete and have some fun.

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