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Into the Great Unknown

Last month a Mopar race and car show was staged at the dragstrip in SoCal known as Fontana Dragway. MoparMax sent a couple of our staffers, photographer James Drew and writer Steve Magnante, to cover the event.

Unfortunately, it was a first time event for the promoter and there were some issues -- one of which was we couldn’t get access to race results -- but there were some interesting and unique Mopars in attendance. From what we hear from our guys despite teething problems for the event, a good time was had by all. . .we think. So we present for your viewing pleasure some of the more interesting cars and people photographer James Drew shot at the event.

We apologize in advance for not having more information about the cars and event. Due to the deadline we couldn’t wait any longer but if we do get more information on the cars, racers and race we’ll pass it along with an update.

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We liked Dave Drury’s ’39 Dodge so well we decided to put it on our cover. What could be better, a pre-war Dodge with a “honkin’ Hemi” under the hood. We were especially intrigued by the fact that Dave claims the Hemi was originally built to compete at the Indy 500. We’d like to know more about that engine and the story behind it. 

Some of us here at MoparMax are not only old enough to have Marty Robbins Vinyl Albums but remember when the Country and Western Star competed as a racer. He was no slouch as a driver either. This is one of the Dodge Magnums that he drove.

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