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If you like your Mopars hot and race-ready, they don’t get any better than this – the 1970 GT-1 Sox & Martin Hemi’cuda, a fully documented Hemi car still in race trim that Herb McCandless and Ronnie Sox both drove that year.

The 4th Annual Forge Invitational Musclecar Show again provided a venue for 100 terrific musclecars. Held in the Chattanooga (TN) Convention Center with an estimated $20 million worth of rare factory iron on display for two days (October 20-21), the show has become the premier mixed-make event for musclecar enthusiasts. Many of the cars shown here are not publicly visible any other time of the year, and the atmosphere is friendly since there is no judging or vehicle sales involved in the event.

Promoter Tim Lopata, together with his father George, have now put the invitational-only indoor show on for four years. The cars are chosen carefully, and the owners themselves pay a nominal fee per vehicle to help defray the expenses associated with the Convention Center. In return, they enjoy a chance to meet other collectors and enthusiasts plus see some of the latest restorations and rare finds being unveiled for the first time (several restorations were completed just days before the event occurred). Sponsored by FUZE Beverages, National Parts Depot, and Musclecar Enthusiast magazine, the public is invited to attend during the show’s open hours on Friday and Saturday.

Mopars again played a significant role in the Forge Show, with several excellent restorations on hand. Perhaps the most visible was one of the highest-valued cars on today’s white-hot market, a 1971 Hemi’cuda coupe. Just completed by owner Tres Wilson, the car is a deep Bahama Blue. Bahama Blue was not one of the High Impact colors that year, but only Plum Crazy would have been more radical in this basic hue.

If race cars were not your bag, this ‘71 Hemi‘cuda brought in by Tres Wilson may have been your cup of tea. Fabulous in every aspect, the car is painted Bahama Blue, with white billboards, white interior, white vinyl.

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