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By now just about every Mopar fanatic has heard about the two day Spring Fling Mopar show and parts exchange held at Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California. Sponsored by Chrysler Performance West (CPW) for the last two decades, Spring Fling is the place to be every April as the latest Mopar restorations are unveiled for the first time, and hoards of rare parts and project cars are offered in the swap meet.

But what about the Fall Fling? Born as a less formal season finale eleven years go, Fall Fling is a one-day affair that’s also staged by CPW on the lush grass at Woodley Park. There’s no judging and no trophies, but the show and swap are packed with treasures, great and small. Here’s a look-see at what went down at Fall Fling XI on Saturday, October 21, 2006. And be sure to mark your calendars for the weekend of May 5 and 6, 2007, for Spring Fling XXI. Got more questions? Then log onto www.cpwclub.com for more upcoming event details.

While Clifford Performance makes reproduction Slant Six Hyper-Pak intake manifolds, this ’64 Dart sports an original Chrysler Hyper-Pak plus the unique two-piece cast iron exhaust headers. The original Hyper-Pak kit was based on the 1960 Daytona Valiant power plant and included the special tuned intake and exhaust manifolds plus a camshaft, stiffer valve springs and other goodies for a total price tag of $403.30, not including installation. Never assembly line available, the only way to get a Hyper-Pak was over the parts counter in 1961 or 1962.
This vendor had a wild assortment of 1960-1964 long ram intake manifolds priced at $1,200 a pair, but none were the rare late-issue open plenum type. With their fully divided runners, the long ram system was designed for improved low and medium speed torque output in heavy cars, not high rpm power. As such, long ram setups are best used for restoration purposes or street rods where appearance is more important than performance. And be sure to run a hydraulic cam because you won’t be pulling the valve covers to set valve lash until you’ve removed the two-piece intake castings!


Remember those stock big block valve covers you threw in the trash? They’re now selling for between fifty and one hundred fifty bucks a set. Of course, they’re essential to a proper restoration. The same goes for O.E. clutch fans and air cleaner assemblies.

Though the laws of supply and demand are natural and welcomed in the Mopar world, somebody is smoking crack when an E-body Dana 60 is offered for five thousand bucks! Unless you’ve got proof it originally came out of your Hemi car and you’ve got a chance for a reunion, do yourself a favor and buy a brand new unit from Strange or Moser. Just make sure to tell them your Mopar needs a pinion snubber support or you’ll get a generic case with no provision for the all-important snubber.

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