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Mopar 440 Wedges Shut Down Cobra Jet Mustangs
and Rat Motored Camaros for Class Honors at the NHRA Pacific SPORTSNationals.

The HEMI Challenge rolled into the Auto Club Dragway at California Speedway at the NHRA Pacific SPORTSnationals on Sept 30, 2006. In the end it was Rick Houser in the Jim DeFrank & Sons Barracuda and crew that took home the trophy and got to the giant check for 5,000 bucks. While wheelstanding HEMI Challenge action is always welcome, let us not forget the unsung heroes of the Stock class drag racing ranks.

Obligated by the rules to run what came off the factory assembly line, these guys and gals work hard to have fun out on the 1320 and know how to squeeze the maximum horsepower and torque out of factory components. A 440-powered Barracuda huffing through a single Carter AVS carburetor and cast iron intake manifold running in the tens? Just ask Steve Wann. An F-body Volare wagon hanging the hoops? Believe it. The proof is in the pictures.

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