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This here is the baddest Mopar of them all. This is number 411, the Burkland family's "AA" Blown Fuel Streamliner. She's been clocked at over 450mph, has the distinction of holding the record for the fastest piston engined, wheel driven vehicle and was the fastest car of the '06 Speedweek with an exit speed of 410.997. Hearing the twin blown Donovan Hemis under power on the long course is the reason why it's great to be alive.

This is the li’l truck (right) that could and did, set a new record for C/Modified Pickup with a 203.807mph average over a previous record of 158.113. Driver Jimmy Barton got himself into the 200mph club with the Jesel-sponsored '05 Ram powered by 370 inches of Dodge R5-P7 small block.






The Racedeck Racing and Hinckly Dodge 2005 SRT-4 turbo (left) gets underway with owner Jorgen Moller at the wheel. Car broke the class record with a 221.383 average. Those 144 blown cubes are working overtime to make this the fastest four-cylinder production car in the world.