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Each year in the San Fernando Valley, the Spring Fling car show kicks of a season of SoCal Mopar good times. A question that comes to mind is what exactly does Mopar stand for? Back in the days when a car made overseas was as rare a sight as an atomic powered flying car, the big three American automakers ruled the roads. A good lot of those cars were Plymouths, De Sotos, Dodges, and Chryslers.

Accepted history has it that Mopar as a brand name actually began as a contraction of the words MOtor and PARts, and that the Mopar logo was used to brand genuine Chrysler replacement parts. As the English language and automotive lexicon are odd bedfellows, the word Mopar eventually came into use to stand for the group of automobiles and contraptions as a whole, causing fans of Plymouth Barracudas, Dodge Superbees, and Chrysler Imperials to say things like "I love my Mopar." On the opposite side of Mopardom are the forces that like to say that Mopar stands for "mostly old parts and rust", and things like that. So it goes.

Nothing like an altered wheelbase B-body to provide some shade and a good place to talk about engines.

As we well know now, Mopar nuts are still around, and their numbers are growing. Each and every year a good portion of them gather in California's sunny San Fernando Valley to show off their rides, swap parts and cars, and hob nob about all things Mopar. Springtime in Woodley Park is home to the annual Chrysler Performance West Spring Fling -- the premier West Coast Mopar show, swap meet, and "season opener" for Mopar nuts on the west coast and beyond.

Everything from restored down to the last factory daub of assembly paint on the torsion bars Hemi ‘Cudas to dented Dodge Darts roll onto the lawn for fun and trophy competition. With such a broad cross section of Mopars in one place it's easy to see why people people go nuts for the millions of old parts assembled at random. In the late ‘60s and ‘70s the Mopar brain trust produced some of the coolest cars ever to roll off a factory assembly line, and time marches on. What was once uncool gets accepted a little more with each passing day -- and we’ve got our eyes on that turbo K-car.

This farm fresh ex-drag race altered wheelbase car was for sale, and got snapped up quickly.

Spring Fling reminds us folks still love, drive, and restore these already and soon-to-be legendary Mopars. Thanks to good Moparnauts, and gatherings like the Spring Fling, rolling examples of American automotive grandeur live on to tell their story. For more information on the Spring (or Fall) Fling head on over to: http://www.cpwclub.com

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