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Driving to the Edge, by Slant 6

Slant 6’s Driving to the Edge is music for Mopar people and by Mopar people. You’ll want to pop this CD into your Mopar, turn up the volume and take a drive. The first and title track of the album, “Driving to the Edge,” is an up-beat pop rock track that will make your foot feel a little heavier. The third track, “Woodward Avenue” has a nostalgic feel with a great hook that will take you back to more innocent times.


1. Driving To the Edge
2. Fast With Class
3. Woodward Avenue
4. Street Racer
5. Smell the Rice
6. El Camino Man
7. Red GTO
8. Mopar or No Car
9. All Night Texaco
10. My '55
11. Cars From Yesterday

Listen and buy on their web site, carsongs.com

“Smell the Rice” is a rap tune with kind of a Snoop Dogg style and bit of talking smack. “Red GTO” has a great guitar solo, “Mopar or No Car” sounds like a throwback to 1980’s hair bands, and “All Night Texaco” has a real nice country and blues sound.

“Driving to the Edge” goes from Rock to Rap to Blues and back again. And that’s really what makes this album enjoyable, it really has no coherent musical style, but it’s all about Mopars from beginning to end. With plenty of engine revs, and fast drivin’ music, you’ll want to play this in your Mopar at the next car show or just cruising!  

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