Meziere Introduces the new SafeCap radiator caps

Meziere has introduced a product that is not only stylish and highly functional, but also advances the safety of motorsports. The all new SafeCap has been designed to address one issue that has plagued racers for decades. Standard caps often suffer damage that can result in the cap coming off at the most inopportune times. This new cap features a set of ramp rollers for smooth and secure fitment. The billet cap offers excellent integrity, fit and finish. The locking shell and clip ensure a failsafe, secure radiator cap that will easily withstand the rigors of motorsports. They come in three finishes; black anodized, clear anodized and electroless nickel plated.

WCC300 SafeCap Clear anodize finish

WCC301 SafeCap Black anodize finish

WCC302 Safecap Electroless nickel finish

Retail Price $106.32

Patent Pending

For more information, contact, or call toll free: 800-208-1755.