MAHLE Motorsports Hemi PowerPacks

Give Your Ride HELLCAT Attitude

We here at MoparMax are very familiar with MAHLE Motorsports pistons. We use them in our Maulin’ Magnum drag race car and have since 2012. We recently upgraded the Magnum’s engine from 392 ci to an Arrington Performance 426 ci Gen III HEMI and it also has MAHLE pistons. When our old 392 was torn down, the pistons in it spec’ed out as brand new. Virtually no wear anywhere and this was after three years of street/strip duty with three full seasons of drag racing and 15,000 hard street miles on the engine.

MAHLE Motorsports packs the same performance, strength, and durability into their 5.7L, 6.1L & 6.4L HEMI PowerPak pistons that they do into the pistons they produce for Chrysler’s HELLCAT. The HEMI PowerPaks are manufactured on MAHLE’s own piston specific machinery using ultra strong, light weight, low drag forgings including all the progressive features that make a MAHLE piston the most technologically advanced in the industry. Thicker top ring lands and dual coatings deliver superior durability and performance. The assemblies come complete with pistons, pins, round wire locks, and performance rings.

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