Show truck enthusiast are always seeking new ways to "up the ante" on their custom creations, and American Force Wheels is once again helping them meet that goal with the introduction of its latest dually design, the "Baus." Available in a 5-, 6-, 8- or 10-lug fitment, the stylish Baus wheel is custom manufactured in the USA from 6061 forged aluminum and high-quality materials.

"We have worked hard to gain a reputation with show truck owners as the industry leader when it comes to unique dually designs, and the Baus won't disappoint," says Ray Shadravan, President, American Force Wheels. "It is an aggressively styled wheel with lots of surface and a distinctive cut-out pattern that demands attention."

As with all American Force Wheels dually designs, the Baus delivers more than just great looks. In addition to its top-line curb appeal, the Baus wheel provides longer tire life and increased load and towing capacity when paired with heavy-duty, commercial grade semi-truck tires.

Available in either mirror polish or black powder coat finish, the Baus wheel directly bolts on and carries a lifetime warranty. To make customization of a show truck more convenient, the Baus wheel also comes in different offsets, including a zero offset version which eliminates the need to lift a truck.

For more information, write to 12019 SW 114 Pl. Miami, Fla. 33176; call 786.345.6301 or 800.620.6259; email; or visit

AIRAID Carbon Fiber Carburetor Hats

Everyone knows the benefits of supplying an engine with plenty of clean, cold air. While fuel injected engines have plenty of options, until now there have been few Cold Air Intake options for carbureted engines. Fortunately AIRAID has released two new carbon fiber intake hats that make fabricating a carbureted Cold Air Intake system easy while adding a show quality look.

The new AIRAID® carbon fiber carburetor hats are not imitations or a piece of plastic dipped to look like carbon fiber; they are constructed of real hand-laid carbon fiber. Available in two standard 5.125" and 7.25" bases, these hats are compatible with many factory and most performance aftermarket carburetors as well as select throttle body injected applications. The inlet features a massive inlet opening (4" on the 5.125" base and 5" 7.25" base), and each hat comes with a stylish retainer than is much cleaner than a traditional wing nut. Designed to accommodate both forced induction and naturally aspirated applications, and shaped to optimize airflow, car builders can use our carbon fiber hats along with AIRAID's other U-Build-It components to build their own high-performance Cold Air Intake System.

AIRAID's U-Build-It Modular Intake Systems provide a clean and easy way to fabricate a custom cold air intake system. Whether it's a classic muscle car or a custom application with an engine swap, the AIRAID® UBI system is the solution for supplying cold air to just about any engine application. Available in several different diameters, UBI systems allow the user to combine individual bends and straights together using couplers in order to reach the desired cold air source, such as the core support, fender well, or even the passenger compartment. With the UBI system, the only limitation is the user's imagination!

AIRAID's carbon fiber hats join the rest of AIRAID's extensive line of UBI components, Cold Air Intake systems and premium air filters. All of AIRAID's products are proudly Made in the USA and backed by an exclusive "No Hassle" warranty. For more information, visit or call 800-498-6951.