Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms

With a nearly unbreakable investment cast 8650 chromemoly body, Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms use an arched, web-like design to increase strength & rigidity while reducing the moment of inertia.

These unique rockers feature hardened roller tips, an oversized trunion & precision-sorted needle bearings that easily stand up to the abuse of the high-load valve springs needed to handle aggressive race applications.

  1. Investment cast 8650 chromemoly body & arched, web-like design increase strength & rigidity while reducing inertia
  2. Black oxide finish helps prevent corrosion & increases durability
  3. Optimized retainer & valve spring clearances allow for the use of most diameter springs, retainers & +.050" locks without clearance or fitment issues
  4. Features oversized trunions, precision-sorted needle bearings & hardened roller tips

For more information, visit www.compcams.com.

Crank Up Your 5.7-6.1 Hemi's HP and Torque With Lunati Voodoo Camshafts

New Voodoo Hemi cams retain the factory hydraulic roller lifters for ease of installation and cost savings although Lunati Valve Spring Kits (springs, retainers and locks) are required to properly function with the increased valve lift and extended RPM capability available. The mildest of these new Lunati Voodoo cams provides a noticeable power increase even with a stock Hemi engine while the two remaining cams produce serious, power when correctly matched with performance aftermarket components.

Pt. No. 21120700 is recommended for very strong increases in low-end and mid-range torque (1,200-5,200 RPM) for 2x4 or 4x4 trucks, SUVs or mild street applications. It offers 209/213 degrees @ .050” cam lobe lift (260/264 degrees advertised dur.), and .506”/.512” valve lift with a comfortable 113 degree lobe separation for a slightly “lumpy” idle.

Pt. No. 21120701 provides significant increases in low-end and mid-range torque in the 1,500-5,600 RPM range. It offers 217/221 degrees @ .050” cam lobe lift (268/272 degrees advertised dur.), and .518”/.525” valve lift with a 113 degree lobe separation for a noticeable idle. Pt. No. 21120702 delivers greatly increased mid-range torque and upper-RPM power for serious street and race applications. This cam responds especially well to aftermarket bolt-on’s and enhanced computer tuning. It offers 225/229 degrees @ .050” cam lobe lift (276/280 degrees advertised dur.), and .531”/.538” valve lift with a 114/112 (Int-Exh) degree lobe separation with a very notable idle. For more information, visit www.lunatipower.com or call (662) 892-1500.

Chicago Pneumatic CP7769 Series ¾” Impact Wrench

The CP7769 and the CP7769-6, with 6” extension shank, provide 1440 ft-lbs (1950 Nm) of maximum torque, the highest of any ¾” impact wrench in its class. Thanks to an optimal balance and interaction between motor and clutch mechanism, it is also one of the most energy efficient impact, consuming less air (7.75 cfm) than competitive, even lower power ¾” wrenches.

The CP7769 series is the only ¾” impact wrench to offer a convenient, S2S single-hand forward/reverse switch for more efficient operation. In any wrench position, even in tight places, the operator can change between forward and reverse with one hand. The CP7769 series also features a compact size and a well-balanced body to further reduce wrist strain. It employs a fiber-reinforced composite body and magnesium clutch housing to achieve one of the industry’s lightest wrenches, which helps reduce arm stress and operator fatigue.

The CP7769 and the CP7769-6 are now available from Chicago Pneumatic Tools authorized distributors.    For additional information and distributors’ contact request visit: www.cp.com/en/Contactus.