Officially Licensed MOPAR Racing Suits from Simpson

Simpson Performance Products has been making firesuits for the professional racing world for over 50 years so it is no surprise that when Chrysler MOPAR wanted an officially licensed racing suit design, they called on Simpson. The suits are SFI.5 rated and available in two colors chosen to appeal to the MOPAR racer. Each suit is custom fitted to the driver’s specifications. Officially licensed, custom embroidered logos are included in the price, along with many other deluxe features. You will not only enjoy the comfort and light-weight construction of a Simpson suit, but you can rest assured your suit is manufactured to strict quality guidelines and SFI specifications to keep you safer behind the wheel.

  1. SFI.5 Rated, 2-layer suit, single or two piece, fire retardant shiny twill sateen
  2. Branded split front MOPAR primary logo
  3. Right sleeve HEMI logo or right side HEMI logo plus one additional Chrysler Group LLC logo; choose from HEMI, Jeep, Ram, Chrysler, Dodge
  4. Simpson branded on the epaulets and sleeve
  5. Includes Racer Deluxe Package: 360 degree arm gussets, lower back gusset, full vertical quilt, straight leg cuff. (Subtract $100. / If No Racer Deluxe Package is Ordered)
  6. Racer's name embroidered on the belt, no additional charge
  8. PRICE: $999.00 One Piece Design, $1049.00 Two Piece Separates

To Order Call 1-888-872-SUIT or visit, keyword “MOPAR”.

V-Drive Clutches from Quartermaster

Racers looking for a clutch that offers the best balance of performance, durability and affordability need look no further. The V-Drive series of clutches feature an open design for cleaner and cooler operations. In addition, these clutches significantly reduce the moment of inertia for lightweight power transfer. Top-quality friction materials ensure reliability in the harshest racing conditions, while the light weight of the clutch provides superior performance. Available in 2-and 3-disc 4.5", 5.5" and 7.25" versions for Ford, Chevy, GM crate and Dodge applications.

For more information, visit


Flowmaster is offering street-legal replacement universal fit catalytic converters built not only to meet 49-state USEPA requirements, but exceed them.

Flowmaster 49-state Universal Catalytic Converters are made in the U.S.A. using stainless steel outer shell construction with noble metal loadings on OEM quality grade substrates. The converters are available in a wide variety of Pre-OBD and OBD II EPA universal fit applications while carrying a 25,000-mile internal components emissions warranty and 50,000-mile/5-year warranty on the exterior casing.

The OBD II universal converters have been engineered specifically for maximum efficiency to avoid “MIL” code issues often encountered with the use of low-quality converters. Because the converters carry the Flowmaster name, great care was taken in their development using quality components to ensure they will perform as well as all Flowmaster products.

It’s important to note that while Flowmaster Universal Catalytic Converters meet or exceed USEPA standards in 98-percent of America, they are currently unavailable for sale or use on vehicles licensed or operated in California. For more information, call (707) 544-4761 or visit