Mopar Must-Haves from Hotchkis Suspension

Hotchkis adds to its popular Total Vehicle Systems for A, B and E bodies by offering additional quick ratio idler and pitman arms, greasable heavy duty pivot shaft and bushing kits for lower control arms and, to ease ball joint installation in difficult B and E body upgrades, a specialized Dodge B/E Body Ball Joint Removal Tool.

The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Quick Ratio Idler and Pitman Arm Kit upgrades Dodge A, B or E Body cars steering to a quick, 12:1 ratio over the slower, factory 16:1 ratio. This easy bolt on upgrade brings Mopar steering up to the performance level of the legendary AAR Cuda and the TA Challengers.

Both idler and pitman arm feature forged, heat treated housings and ball studs for added strength and durability. To prevent corrosion the part is finished in a durable black e-coat finish. This is a must have upgrade for any performance car.

The Hotchkis Sport Suspension Pivot Shaft Kit reduces the worn out, sloppy lower control arm pivot shafts on any A, B or E body Mopar. Designed to be direct replacements for stock, these shafts are a greasable design which offers convenience as well as increased performance by reducing friction and suspension bind. Worn out pivot shafts can create sloppy handling and are recommended to be replaced, especially when installing new polyurethane bushings. Each kit comes complete with two greasable shafts, polyurethane bushings  and grade 8 hardware.

To ease in installation during any Mopar suspension upgrade, Hotchkis recommends the Ball Joint Removal Tool, which makes installing or removing replacement ball joints a breeze on B or E Body Dodge or Plymouth. Designed to accept a standard ½” drive, this tool is a must have item for any automotive enthusiast's tool box.

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Wilwood’s New Swing Mount Pedal and Triple Master Cylinder Assemblies

The Reverse Mount Pedal Assembly positions the master cylinders inside of the firewall, while the Forward Mount Pedal Assembly positions the master cylinders outside of the firewall.  Both units feature an all aluminum frame and forged aluminum pedal arms with ladder style construction.  The frame and the pedal arms are Platinum-E coated for protection and an attractive appearance.  The pedal pads are of a special adjustable lightweight design that allows fine-tuning of the pedal location and clearance.  Also included with the assembly of your choice are the mounting studs, hardware, clevis and pivot pin balance bar that are designed to provide smooth and accurate settings of the brake pedal bias.  The balance bar can be set and locked down with the jam nut, or attached to a remote cable for quick on-track adjustments.  The units provide a 6.25 to 1 ratio on both clutch and brake pedal.

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Using a stacked plate design and oven-brazed all-aluminum construction for added strength with excellent heat dissipation, the SuperCoolers have an “LPD” or Low Pressure Drop feature includes two bypass channels near the fittings to allow fluid to flow freely. Controlled by viscosity, fluid is returned directly to the lube circuit through bypass openings in the stacked plate core. As the temperature increases, more ATF is directed through the core. This highly efficient design combines improved protection against lube system failure with the required levels of optimal heat transfer. With the choice of 1 1/2-inch or 3/4-inch Thin-Line SuperCoolers, efficiency ratings ranging from 9,800 BTU to 29,200 BTU and black or polished finishes, B&M has created a diverse lineup of coolers with extensive mounting options for even the tightest of engine compartments while offering superior cooling characteristics to traditional tube-and-fin designs. The SuperCooler comes with 1/2-inch NPT fittings that are easily adaptable to AN fittings while the Thin-Line’s 3/8-inch extended nipple fittings provide as much plumbing versatility as the mounting possibilities of the compact cores. Whichever fitting is chosen, both can be had in straight, 90-degree or 45-degree angles to ensure a clean, safe installation. For more information on the B&M SuperCoolers as well as the full line of B&M Racing products, visit or call (818) 882-6422.