The All-New iHawk

The new Superchips iHawk is a very compact WIRELESS BLUETOOTH intelligent combination of technology and portability capable of turning any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a complete data-logging gauge package for your vehicle.  iHawk consists of a small Bluetooth "LINQ" module and an Apple iPhone "App" (application) downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store.  The LINQ plugs into the diagnostic port under the dash.  Installation takes seconds and requires no tools! 

- Easily flick through multiple dashboards, gauge screens, and other diagnostic choices
- Measure vehicle acceleration (requires web connection)
- Gauges display hundreds of vehicle parameters
- Set automatic alerts
- Data log any parameter
- View in analog or digital gauge style
- Calculate 0 to 60 and 1/4 mile times
- Customizable gauges can be set to any parameter, in any parameter, in any combination
- Real time Dashboard and One Touch data logging records what you see
- No tools required
- CAN based import and domestic vehicle coverage

The Superchips iHawk is compatible on vehicles 2007 and up, and many CAN based vehicles prior to 2007. iHawk uses iMiken PATENT-PENDING AccuPerformance system to acquire vehicle data, weather data, and performance data and integrates them all to provide accurate results. It's like having a portable dyno, digital gauge kit, trouble code scanner, data logging, and 1/4 mile drag strip for your vehicle neatly controlled and packaged within your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

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Lightweight Titanium Bolt Kits for ATI Dampers, Transmissions and Valve Bodies

The titanium bolts are made in the USA and replace the steel bolts found on popular ATI Super Dampers, Transmissions and Valvebodies. Kit 950200T includes 6 titanium 5/16 -18x1 countersunk bolts and 3 Titanium 3/8-16x1 bolts that fit most standard dampers. Kit 950220T comes with 6 titanium 5/16-18x1 countersunk bolts for the damper face.

For transmission applications, ATI’s Ti Powerglide Kit (950301T) comes complete with almost all of the bolts needed on a standard Powerglide including the pump, pan, governor support, parking pawl bridge, valvebody halves, valvebody to case and the extension housing while the Ti Super Case Kit (950300T) includes everything found in the 950301T kit, plus additional titanium bolts for the bellhousing to case. A titanium bolt kit (950310T) is also available for ATI’s new lightweight Billet Aluminum Valvebody (P/N 203051) that’s seven pounds lighter than the OEM unit.

950300T - Ti Powerglide SuperCase Bolt Kit - RN $230.95

950200T - Ti Bolt Kit - Damper - fits all 3 bolt, except Chrysler and Ford OEM 4 bolt - $35.95

950220T - Ti Bolt Kit - Damper Bolt Pack - Face Bolts only - (6) 5/16 -18x1" countersunk - $23.95

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