Rattler Engine Balancers

The TCI Rattler counteracts crankshaft torsional vibrations by using internal rollers that automatically offset the twisting forces that cause vibrations. This unique balancer is an absorber that eliminates the root cause of torsional vibration and actually stores and releases energy back into the crankshaft rather than converting it to heat energy as dampers do. Effective for the entire RPM range, it will extend crankshaft, bearing and valve train life. The revolutionary design does not utilize viscous fluids and requires virtually no maintenance.

  1. Integral timing marks won't move relative to crankshaft
  2. Maintains maximum effectiveness at all engine speeds
  3. No fluids, elastomers or friction materials
  4. No pulley or crank trigger shims required for use
  5. SFI 18.1 certified

For more information, visit www.tciauto.com.


Phoenix Systems introduces BrakeStrip ID, a visual brake system performance test that quickly identifies the Department of Transportation (DOT) type of brake fluid in your vehicle. 

Vehicle manufacturers design brake systems to use a specific type of fluid, and BrakeStrip ID is designed to make sure your brake fluid meets the proper specification for your vehicle.  BrakeStrip ID, which identifies DOT 3, 4 and 5.1 brake fluids, also finds brake fluid that needs replaced.

“Our easy-to-use BrakeStrip ID strips are useful in the service industry as well as in performance applications,” said Jon Petty, CEO of Phoenix Systems.  “Since you can’t determine brake fluid type by looking at it, BrakeStrip ID is one way to make sure your brake fluid is up to spec for your next performance project.”

BrakeStrip ID is a Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) approved brake fluid test and features a three-year accuracy guarantee.  It is available at leading automotive retailers and comes in a tube of 100 strips.  For more information, visit www.brakebleeder.com.  

Boninfante Friction Introduces New Titanium Bellhousing

Boninfante Friction, the industry leader in drag racing clutches for Nitro, Pro Nitro and Alky teams, has introduced their newest product, Titanium bellhousimgs custom built to your specifications for all classes of drag racing.

Built from spin formed titanium and using the latest state-of-the-art CAD programming with CNC machining, they’re SFI approved and are available for a variety of applications  including nitro Top Fuel and Funny Cars, Alcohol cars, Pro Mods and Pro Stock.

Boninfante Friction Chairman “Nitro Nick” Boninfante is excited about the latest addition to their product line.

“Our new bellhousing complements our line of clutch units, discs, floaters, ring & pinions and all of our other clutch related parts as we work toward becoming the racers one-stop shop for everything behind the motor plate,” Boninfante said. “Our bellhousings are priced very competitively and racers should contact us before they settle on a steel or aluminum or theother titanium products out there.”

For more information visit: www.boninfanteracing.com or call: (610) 626-2194.

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