Brand New Steel OEM-Style Valve Covers for Mopar V8 from AMD

Now, for the first time in many years, you can buy brand new steel OEM-style valve covers for your Mopar V8. Auto Metal Direct (better known as AMD), has just announced these long-awaited reproduction steel valve covers, which are fully licensed by the Chrysler corporation.

Available for 1964-74 big blocks, and 1970-74 small block engines, these reproduction steel covers feature correct spot-welded metal clips and stands just like factory original units, for holding spark plug looms, etc. When appropriate, the spot-welded stands are dipped in rubber coating, as original. These top quality valve covers will be offered two ways, either with the gaskets, bolts, and add-ons (like original-style oil-fill caps, etc) or “naked,” without any accessories. In all cases they will be delivered unpainted, so you can paint them to match your engine.

The photo here shows a collection of the original valve cover prototypes on a table at AMD’s R&D department. By the time you read this, production run valve covers will be on the shelves at your favorite Mopar parts dealer.

For pricing and full details, contact AMD at Auto Metal Direct, 904 Sherwin Parkway, Suite 180, Buford, GA  30518, 866-591-8309, or online at


Proform has just released their all-new deluxe version Camshaft Degree Wheel Kit (#68787) for precise engine timing. This kit can be used on most popular engines, and contains a 9-inch Degree Wheel, Calibrated Dial Indicator, Aluminum Dial Indicator Mount, Aluminum Top Dead Center Locator, Wire Pointer, and durable padded carrying case.

Following the included instruction sheet, and after the camshaft and timing set have been installed, with this kit you can correctly align the position of the camshaft and crankshaft by establishing the center of the #1 intake lobe (the point of maximum lift) with the top dead center of the #1 piston. Properly setting the initial timing is critical for a successful engine firing and break in.

This Universal “Heads Off” Camshaft Degree Wheel Kit is just one of Proform’s tool box full of inexpensive engine building tools, internal and external engine parts and dress up products. For more information contact the Proform performance experts, or visit their informative website at

Hyperformance Power Adder Spark Plugs For 4 & 6 Cylinder Applications

  1. Triple ground electrode offers more efficient combustion
  2. Excellent heat dissipation characteristics improve performance in nitrous & turbo applications
  3. Pre-gapped specifically for performance applications
  4. Super Range nickel ground electrode & copper core

For more information, visit