Torchmate 2x4 CNC Plasma System 

Trick Tools has added to their already large selection of High Quality Metal Fabricating Equipment with the Torchmate 2'x4' CNC plasma system.  The 2x4 table is designed to bring CNC cutting capabilities to garage enthusiasts, schools, or small fabrication shops.  It is perfect for prototyping and small run jobs.

The system is compatible with most plasma cutters and the driver software will accept any .dxf file or G-code. With a cutting rate of up to 150 ipm and a resolution of approximately  .0006", the Torchmate system delivers speed and accuracy previously available to only the largest fabrication shops.  Simply add your plasma cutter and computer and start cutting! 

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When dealing with custom automotive exhaust system projects for street rods, race cars, etc., it’s usually necessary to fabricate the parts you need. To assist you, CLASSIC TUBE stocks a full line of Stainless Steel exhaust tubing parts, available in individual pieces to fit your needs. Straight tubing lengths are sold by the foot up to 20-feet. Available bends include 15-degree, 45-degree, 90-degree and 180-degree J-bends (one leg longer) and 180-degree U-bends. The tubing can be ordered in 2.5-inch, 3-inch or 3.5-inch diameters.

These parts are 16-gauge (.065) tubes made from high-quality 304 Stainless Steel, which incorporates excellent durability with incredible resistance to the corrosive agents found in exhaust gases. Special straight lengths are available in ¾ to 5-inch OD, depending on the angle and various leg lengths. For a show quality appearance, these tubes can be polished to a high luster by the end user.

CLASSIC TUBE also has pre-bent stock replacement tubing for fuel, brake, vacuum, transmission and hydraulic applications, as well as light and heavy-duty industrial applications. Stainless Steel braided brake hoses are available for brake system upgrades. Preview all their stock replacement and custom tubing applications at

Pro Pushrod Length Checker Kit

Designed like a micrometer, you insert the Pro Pushrod Length Checker in place of a pushrod and unscrew it until the correct length and geometry are achieved. Read the height right from the etched markings, with each revolution equal to .05”. Let this tool make simple and inexpensive work of this critical calculation.

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