Front and Rear Disc Brake Kits for Magnum, Challenger, Charger, and Chrysler 300 

These calipers were designed for the specific purpose of providing big capacity braking with large diameter rotors for heavy weight and extreme duty vehicles. For cars, it’s the biggest of the big providing big brake performance for show and dual purpose street and track vehicles. For trucks and SUVs, it provides big stopping power for towing, off-road, and enhanced braking with wheel and tire upgrades. Kits listed for specific vehicles are fully compatible with OE master cylinder output and ABS function. Directional staggered vane 14.25” rotors provide maximum cooling for sustained high heat durability.

  1. Light-weight, track-tested, bolt-on kits
  2. Features massive six-piston front calipers and matching four-piston rear calipers 
  3. 14.25" vented rotors
  4. Calipers are available in black or red powder coat
  5. Two-piece rotors are available in standard or drilled and slotted

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Dodge Hemi Challenger Nitrous System (Blackout) 

Engineered for a simple plug-and-play installation into the 2008-current Hemi Challenger, this system includes a custom designed fuel line adapter and brackets. The ultimate in engine safety, this kit uses an advanced safety technology called Active Fuel Control as well as an electronic TPS switch. The system’s technology monitors the nitrous bottle pressure and adjusts the kit’s fuel enrichment to never run too rich or too lean.

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Mark 7 Radiators has custom made or stock replacement radiators for all Mopar years, makes and model vehicles. Mark 7 will custom make a radiator to your specifications, and provide it in natural or polished aluminum or in one of 16 other custom anodized colors. This black anodized unit is for the 1970-’74 Dodge Challenger. Custom engraving on the tank or optional custom shroud is also available. This semi-gloss black anodized unit is for a restored Challenger R/T with a built 440-CID engine and 727 auto trans. The same 26-inch radiator will also fit the ’66-’73 B-bodies.

Mark 7 aluminum radiators for Mopars are each hand built for your size engine with four-gear or auto transmission. They cool more efficiently than the traditional copper/brass radiator, as aluminum transfers heat to the coolant faster. Manufactured with two 1.25-inch cores, this radiator will cool up to 750-HP in 100-degree weather with the A/C running. Mark 7 radiators are not off-the-shelf units; each is specifically built for your car or truck. The average starting price for the natural finish radiator is $650 (cost will vary with application) with anodizing slightly more. A downloadable specification sheet is available at their website. Visit for more information.

For pricing, and more on custom applications, contact the cool folks at Mark 7 Machine & Radiators, 102 S. Tuscola Road, Bay City, MI 48708, or call toll free at 989-922-7335, Fax: 989-922-0700.