ATI Introduces Super F Transmission Fluid

This Friction Modifier Chemistry has not been blended into a full synthetic ATF, until now! To achieve this, ATI teamed up with Joe Gibbs Driven to produce the right fluid for consistent crisp shifting, superior heat dissipation and amazing life over standard petroleum based fluids.

The Super F fluid was tested for over a year in the ATI Drag Pak Challenger, netting a solid .02 faster than when raced back to back against a popular non-synthetic Type F. The Super F fluid was also run for the full 2010 race season in Chris Rini's Pro Street Stratus, helping him take the NMCA championship with record passes of 6.15 and 234 mph. For good measure ATI also had Dave Hance abuse the product in his record setting Drag Radial car as well as his ADRL Pro Mod.

Super F is available in four different sizes -
Quart bottle   #100001    Case of 12 bottles   #100001-12
Gallon           #100004    Case of 4 gallons    #100004-4

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 Hook Nosed Rack Ramps from Brute Industries

Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are designed as a direct replacement for the heavy factory steel ramps used on a variety of popular four-post lifts. Their patented, super-lightweight, 100% solid construction ensures that the ramps are highly durable and very stable with an unscootable surface. They feature a 6.7 degree angle of approach, enabling low ground clearance vehicles to get on the lift without the front end scraping.

Hook Nosed Rack Ramps are available at many leading consumer retailers and on the Race Ramps website at


Crane Cams has expanded the availability of its “Race Billet” distributor—a highly accurate “locked” advance model engineered specifically for oval track and drag racing applications. The analog design unit complies with rule requirements for a number of sanctioning organizations, and features an optical trigger for maintenance-free operation.

Made in the U.S.A., Crane’s Race Billet Distributor has a CNC-machined billet aluminum lower housing and a stainless steel shaft that is supported by bearings at the top and bottom. Aluminum and stainless steel is employed extensively in the body of the unit to ensure long-term dependability. The distributor gear is made of Melanized steel—which has proven to be compatible with both billet and cast camshafts.

Available with a choice of large or small distributor caps for Chevrolet small block and big block engines (1955-96), Chrysler LA (317-360), Ford 289/302, Ford 5.0 HO/351 Windsor, Cleveland and big block “385” (429-460) and “FE” (360-427). Additionally, “small cap” models are offered for Chrysler B and RB (383-440) engines. The caps have solid brass lugs (uncoated) for optimum conductivity.

Crane Cams also manufactures ignitions, coils, and spark plug wire to provide racers with a complete system that, when combined with the Race Billet Distributor, will deliver a powerful and accurate spark.

For additional information call the Crane Cams tech staff toll-free at 866-388-5120 or visit