Electronic Ignition Conversion kits from JEGS

JEGS electronic ignition conversion kits provide all the parts needed to convert your Mopar from points to a high performance electronic ignition system. The kit includes the distributor, wiring harness, connectors, ballast resistor, instructions and an orange control box. The distributor features a high performance advance curve and comes complete with cap and rotor. Replacement distributors, control box, wiring harness and ballast resistors are available separately.

555-40031 – Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit – Mopar 273-360

555-40035 – Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit – Mopar 361-400

555-40037 – Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit – Mopar 413-440 Wedge & Hemi

For more information, visit www.jegs.com.

Gauge Restoration For Almost Any Year Make Or Model From JUST DASHES

Gauges fail! The faces fade, they become inaccurate or stop working, the bezel loses its luster and, at this point, they ruin the look of your dashboard. For years JUST DASHES has been resurrecting damaged or dead gauges, and restoring the metal or plastic surround bezels to better than factory original condition. This gauge cluster and surrounding trim have just been given a new lease on life, and will provide many more useful years of service.

Regardless of the year, make or model of classic vehicle, JUST DASHES will re-plate the plastic chrome, paint and detail the cluster and trim as required, and restore and calibrate the instruments. They will also convert your antiquated points style clock to a quartz movement. JUST DASHES has become the most trusted name for vinyl interior restoration quality, and that quality carries over to their instrument restorations. Just ask an enthusiast who has used their services. JUST DASHES also carries a comprehensive line of reproduction gauges for most popular vehicles.

Visit www.justdashes.com to preview all their award winning interior restoration services and products and watch the Thermo Vacuum Forming process on video. Call today for a free over the phone quote on restoring your gauges or other classic vinyl interior parts.


Mark 7 Radiators has just completed this custom-made down-flow aluminum radiator for a Hemi powered ’70 Plymouth Super Bee. The car is a restomod, so the owner wanted the radiator to look stock. Mark 7 recreated original style tanks for a factory appearance, then black anodized the radiator. The car has a remote trans cooler, so this direct fit radiator was made as a Chrysler 26-inch A/C car radiator. Since it’s equipped with a four-speed, no trans cooler provisions are included. Custom all the way, and guaranteed to cool this monster motor!

This Mark 7 radiator features dual 1.25-inch down-flow cores, capable of cooling up to 750-dynoed horsepower in 100-degree weather, even with the A/C running. All Mark 7 radiators are custom made for your vehicle, they are not “off the shelf” units. You supply the specifications on your engine, transmission, etc., and in approximately three weeks all your cooling problems are solved.

The quick cooling benefits of aluminum are immense, and this radiator is about 40% lighter than stock. The natural aluminum finish units start at approximately $650, with polishing or anodizing (black for the stock restored look or in 16 custom colors) slightly more. Run cool, order your new Mark 7 custom radiator today. Visit www.mark7radiators.com for more information.

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