Portable Power from Jegs

Now available from JEGS - Power Bright Carbon Series Power Inverters. These inverters plug into your cigarette lighter to power laptops, cell phone chargers and other small electronic devices allowing you to stay powered up on the go!


  1. Carbon Fiber Design
  2. Built-In Cooling Fan
  3. Micro Chip Technology
  4. 120 volt AC outlet(s)
  5. USB Output port
  6. Overload Indicator
  7. Direct Cigarette lighter Connection

696-DX-100 – Power Inverter – 100W - Direct Plug-In

  • 1 3-Prong Outlet
  • 1 USB Port

696-XR-100 – Power Inverter – 100W

  • 1 3-Prong Outlet
  • 1 USB Port

696-XR-400-12 – Power Inverter – 400W

  • 2 3-Prong Outlet
  • 1 USB Port

696-XR-750-12 – Power Inverter – 750W

  • 2 3-Prong Outlet
  • 1 USB Port

For more information, visit www.jegs.com.


These unique oils are blended from the highest quality base oils fortified with VI improvers, rust inhibitors, foam suppressants and LAT’s exclusive LFR extreme pressure additive. Available in 80w90 and 75w140 and light weight racing 75R viscosities they exceed API GL-5 standards and do not contain limited slip additives.  LAT 75R is a full synthetic racing gear oil blended from a robust PAO and Ester formula. LAT gear oils promote lower operating temperatures, reduced friction, less wear, superior overall performance and longer life.

Contact LAT at 888-528-6457 for specific application information prior to ordering. You can catch the entire line of exclusive LAT RACING OILS at www.latracingoils.com.

COMP Cams Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters With Inboard Link Bars For Chryslers

When engineers originally designed the Chrysler engine block, they created it to be used with a Hemi-style cylinder head and a 59-degree lifter bore. Due to production costs and other issues, the design was changed to work with a wedge-style cylinder head instead but the 59-degree lifter bores remained, causing the need for a special lifter to work with that angle.

Engineers at COMP Cams have designed a unique reverse link bar assembly specifically for these Chrysler 59-Degree LA and Magnum-Style Small Block applications. The link bar has been moved to the inside of the lifters so that grinding the block will be unnecessary, and pushrod clearance is no longer an issue. These lifters will also work in all standard bank angle blocks.

Heat-treated and machined to ultra-high tolerances, the Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters With Inboard Link Bars for Chryslers have set the new industry standard. EDM Oil Injection Technology is a standard feature of all COMP Cams Endure-X Lifters and guarantees that the bearing assembly receives a constant flow of pressurized oil via a precision hole aimed directly at the needle bearings. These needle bearings are precision sorted by size to distribute load evenly, preventing premature wear and failure. And finally, the axle is made of wear resistant Tool Steel to prolong the life of the roller assembly, particularly in high rpm applications.

For more information about the COMP Cams Endure-X Solid Roller Lifters with Inboard Link Bars for Chryslers or any other COMP Cams product, call them at 1-800-999-0853, or visit them online at www.compcams.com.