Tie Down Your Muscle or Classic Car With a Mac's Ultra Pack

Whether you tow a pro-touring muscle car, an original classic or a freshly painted project car, it's critical that your vehicle is safe and secure when you tow it down the road. Many people risk damaging their vehicle every time they tow it by using old or poorly-made tie down equipment. Mac's Custom Tie-Downs is proud to offer a new solution: the Ultra Pack. By combining the premium quality parts in a pre-engineered system, the Mac's Ultra Pack includes everything you need to tie your car or truck down safely and securely while protecting it from damage during transport.

The Ultra Pack includes four 6- or 8-foot ratchet straps (or a combination of both), four axle straps, four strap wraps and a free duffle bag to stow the gear when not in use. Straps are available in red, blue, black or yellow. The hardware on a Mac's axle strap is shaped to allow for tight clearance applications. Each full length sleeve is designed to stay in place (unlike competitive sliding products) and is made from the thickest material available. All straps in this pack have more than twice the number of stitches than most competitor's straps. Simply wrap the axle straps, secure them over the rear axle tubes or through a front control arm and tie everything down. The Ultra Pack is rated with a 10,000 pound capacity. Overall it's the fastest, easiest and most secure way to transport a vehicle down the open road - and like all Mac's products, the Ultra Pack is Made in the USA.

Check them out online at www.macstiedowns.com, or call them at 1-866-386-5992.


Whether you’re driving a vintage vehicle or a new high-tech cruiser, your internal engine parts need constant protection. Formerly, the Zinc or ZDDP in motor oil provided part of that protection, but now it has been all but removed from consumer oil products by the EPA. Justice Brothers ENGINE TUNE-UP provides a beneficial detergent action, which helps clean, lubricate and protect sticky valves and lifters, as well as replacing the lubrication qualities of ZDDP.

Automotive metal surfaces contain microscopic saw tooth projections. Normal motor oils provide a paper-thin lubrication surface, which reduces but not eliminates, the clashing of these projections. To combat this wear, ENGINE TUNE-UP also contains Justice Brothers Metal Conditioner®, which penetrates the micro pores of the metal, allowing your engine oil to do a better job of lubrication. ENGINE TUNE-UP actually treats the metal surfaces, not the engine oil!

If your engine is making internal noises, or you just want to extend the life of your engine, add a bottle of ENGINE TUNE-UP at each oil change. It’s inexpensive insurance against internal engine wear or failure. justicebrothers.com.

FAST EZ-EFI Dual Quad Upgrade Kit

The original FAST EZ-EFI featured patent pending technology with the most advanced self tuning control strategy available anywhere today. You could simply hook up the necessary wires, answer the basic setup Wizard questions on the included hand-held display and the system tuned itself as you drove. But now there is an EZ-EFI Dual Quad Self Tuning Fuel Injection System that features all of this same technology and is capable of supporting up to 1000+ horsepower engines and has the ability to double your fuel capacity!

This  new  system  is  offered  as  an  upgrade  kit  to  the  existing  EZ-EFI  kits*  and  adds  several additional  parts,  including  a  second  unique  throttle  body  for  use  with  existing  dual  quad carburetor-type  manifolds,  injectors  and  a  basic  linkage  kit  necessary  to  hook  the  two  throttle bodies together (works with most inline manifolds).

The  original  EZ-EFI  Self  Tuning  Fuel  Injection  System  is  a  complete  kit  that  includes  the ECU, wide-band oxygen sensor, wiring harness, fuel injectors, optional fuel pump kit and other assorted components, including the innovative 4150 Throttle Body. The FAST 4150 Throttle Body delivers the total package approach for anyone with an existing 4150-type intake manifold. Everything comes with the kit, including appropriate fuel injectors and fuel rails. In addition, it works with the original carb-style throttle linkage and is ready to accept all OEM sensors. www.fuelairspark.com