Professional Products now has an EFI kit for vehicles that do not have an aftermarket or factory fuel return line. This self-learning, bolt-on POWERJECTION III EFI kit is available in satin finish or polished finish and is the only returnless “adaptive learning” fuel-injection unit available today. Simply install the kit, usually in an afternoon with normal hand tools, and drive the vehicle for 20/30-minutes. The system “learns” your engine, and no additional tuning is required. POWERJECTION III has provisions for laptop tuning should you choose.

The kit includes a 750 CFM Throttle Body Assembly, which dimensionally replaces a 4150 Holley with identical linkage, four 62-Lb. port-style injectors, built-in engine management system and all harnesses and connectors. The idle air control, 2.5 BAR MAP sensor, air temperature control and throttle position sensor are built into the unit. The O2 sensor bung requires no welding for installation. Dashboard software CD with detailed instruction manual is included.

Professional Products’ programmable FuelOnDemand module is included with the kit and mounts separately. This module allows the EFI kit to function as a returnless system, eliminating the need for installing a return line. Run a single inlet fuel line from the tank and let the FuelOn Demand control your fuel pressure. Check out this returnless system at www.professional-products.com.

New Power Chiller cools racecar engines fast!

The Power Chiller (patent pending), designed by NHRA Pro Stock racer Tom Hammonds, is based on a proven industrial chiller used in medical applications and requires no ice or additional water to cool the engine. That means fewer messes to clean up in the pits and no more ice for the racers to buy. Just plug the unit into a 110-volt, 20-amp socket, set the thermostat and forget it – the Power Chiller maintains a consistent temperature no matter how hot the weather.

For more information contact Power Chiller at 5558 West 2nd Ave., Mesa, AZ 85210-1201, call toll-free 1-888-PWR-CHIL (797-2445) or go to www.PowerChiller.com.


The '09 Dodge Ram Coil-Rite kit is a no-drill application designed to increase vehicle stability, improve braking effectiveness, steering and balance, and keep headlights properly aimed.  Firestone's Coil-Rite springs, which are installed inside the vehicle's existing coil springs, also help level the vehicle and reduce tire wear.

"Our Coil-Rite air helper springs can be easily adjusted for varying loads and road conditions by increasing or decreasing the air pressure in the helper springs, just like drivers would adjust the air pressure in a tire," said Todd Green, regional sales manager, Firestone Industrial Products, Ride-Rite(tm) division.  "We also offer our popular Air-Rite(tm) air accessory systems, which complement the Coil-Rite kit by allowing drivers to adjust the air with a push of a button installed on the dashboard."

A pair of Coil-Rite air springs supports up to 1,000 pounds of load leveling capacity.  (Note: Air springs do not increase the load-carrying capacity of the vehicle. Do not exceed the vehicle's recommended Gross Vehicle Weight Rating [GVWR]). 

Coil-Rite kits can be installed in about one hour and include air springs, hardware, air line and separate valves for manual inflation.  Trained technicians are available toll-free (800.888.0650) to answer any product application, installation or warranty questions Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST. For more information, visit www.ride-rite.com.

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