Bending your own custom tubing is no longer a problem if you have the right tools for the job. Classic Tube has a selection of tube benders to fit your requirements. This swivel handle model is for 5/16-inch OD tube with a radius to center of the tube of 11/16-inch. We bent this short piece of tubing to a perfect 90-degree angle with no difficulty at all. The right tool takes all the guesswork out of bending!

Classic Tube tube benders feature an open side design which can slip over the tube during any point in the bending process, making smooth, tight radius bends up to 180-degrees with minimal effort. Swivel handle tube benders can be repositioned midway through the bend for compound angles with no scoring or flattening of the tubing.

This Classic Tube bender is calibrated to show 0 through 180-degrees right or left hand bends, and features a wide hook that grips the tubing securely. Having a quality tube bender in your toolbox is invaluable for household or automotive projects. Classic Tube is the industry leader in pre-bent stainless steel and OE steel brake, fuel, transmission, vacuum, emissions and hydraulic tubing for most import and domestic cars and trucks. To preview their line of tubing, tools and supplies, visit


Keeping your cooling system clean and flowing freely also protects your engine. Overheating, due to clogged radiator passages and worn out coolant, can cause damage to the engine’s head gaskets and other internal parts. Regardless if you drive a collectible Sixties muscle car with a brass/copper radiator, or a current SUV with an aluminum radiator, your system needs regular maintenance to function properly. After a winter of harsh, freezing weather your system needs to be flushed and refilled to cope with next summer’s heat. Justice Brothers has the combination of products you need.
Justice Brothers Radiator Cleaner is designed to remove rust and scaling within the system, and provide lower operating temperatures year round. Radiator Cleaner is non-toxic and contains no acid. It has been thoroughly tested on all internal system components, including aluminum, rubber, iron and plastic. It will clean even the tiniest radiator passages providing maximum heat transfer!

Following the cleaning and flushing of your radiator, simply add a bottle of Justice Brothers crystal-clear Cooling System Protector to increase the thermal efficiency of the coolant. Cooling System Protector assists in the transfer of heat from the engine through the radiator, and prevents the buildup of acids and corrosion that can plug fluid passages in the radiator. It mixes with all types of antifreeze/coolant, as well as old and new radiators. Radiator Cleaner and Cooling System Protector provide results you can see on your temperature gauge!

Mothers FX SynWax Pre-Softened Paste

FX SynWax provides depth, richness and advanced protection against harmful UV damage and other environmental concerns. FX SynWax was created specifically for the automotive enthusiast aspiring to attain that top-of-the-line appearance and second-to-none shine. The engineered encapsulation process, with state-of-the-art synthetic polymers, is formulated for effortless application, so the wax spreads quickly and easily. And removal is a breeze, leaving behind super-tough synthetic polymers that bond to your paint's surface. Unlike some other waxes, FX SynWax can be applied and left on for hours, even in direct sunlight, yet it removes easily and cleanly, without chalking or staining trim.

Mothers FX SynWax is engineered to polish and shine in one easy step, and will leave your car with a glistening wet look, while protecting your paint from the elements. Whether you’re looking to stand out at the show, or make a statement on the street, Mothers FX SynWax provides unsurpassed protection and shine.

Mothers is known worldwide for its premium-grade polishes, waxes and cleaners and offers a broad array of finish care products under its California Gold, FX, Reflections, PowerBall, Marine and Professional lines. Go to  for information on all of these products, along with a host of car care tips in the online Mothers Detail Guide at  and the Wax Forum at