High Voltage!

Many people relocate their ignition coil to the passenger compartment to isolate it from the heat and vibration of the engine compartment. However, if it is not done properly it will defeat the purpose and possibly lead to bigger problems. JEGS Firewall Feed-Thru is designed to isolate the spark and prevent voltage leaks at the firewall insuring the full spark reaches the distributor cap. It is constructed from highly durable DuPont Zytel thermoplastic polymer and has brass male post terminals for maximum conductivity and tracking resistance. Requires a 3/4" panel hole. Includes mounting hardware. Made in USA.

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New, Radically Different Mechanic’s Stool Design!

The TailBone mechanic’s stool features the same big 5” diameter wheels as are used on the Bone line of creepers, for exactly the same reason… big wheels roll effortlessly over air hoses, drop cords, shop clutter, rough surfaces and much more. The base is a uniquely designed tripod, a naturally stable work platform on uneven floors and surfaces. Rather than a swiveling seat, the base turns easily and naturally with the user so its legs always stay your of the way, and let you tuck your feet under you for comfort or convenience. The bucket seat works just like the ones in a high performance car, making it easy to use your natural body movements and trunk strength to position yourself and the stool to do the job.

Because the new TailBone’s big wheels don’t get hung up on obstacles that trip and tip the ordinary little wheels found on most shop stools, they resolve a safety issue that really hampers user comfort. And the bucket seat is shaped and sized for real-world people, so in the manufacturer’s words, “it’s not like trying to perch on a padded poke in the butt!” The 13.5” seat height is similar to most workshop rolling stools, and is appropriate for many workshop chores. Future plans are to offer the TailBone in other heights, as well to extend its applications for use at normal height work benches and other common shop situations.

The wheels are designed and built expressly for use in auto shops, and provide advantages not found on any other creeper wheels anywhere. The seat and base are molded of the same tough engineering grade polymer that’s been used for the famously durable Bone creepers. They’re smooth, impact resistant, impervious to oil, cleaners and common solvents, and easy to clean.

TailBones are designed and intended to perform and last in the professional auto shop environment, where they’ll be used and abused on a daily basis. A copy of the warranty and information about the TailBone and the company’s other products can be found at the company’s website, www.bonecreeper.com.

JEGS Non-Spill Quick Couplings for AN Lines

Allows quick removal & replacement of AN lines without spilling any fluid or allowing air into the system.  Ideal for use on the dyno or racecar for brake fluid, fuels, nitrous, mechanical gauges, oil, coolant, and most other frequently serviced fluid applications.          

These couplings are available with two types of o-rings seals.  Use couplings with EDPM seals for brake & clutch systems.  Use couplings with Viton® (fluorocarbon) seals for oils, minerals, gasoline, coolant, nitrous, and most other fluids.  JEGS couplings are color coded for easy identification (couplings w/ EDPM seals are anodized Red and couplings w/ Viton® seals are anodized Black).

Non-Spill Couplings w/ EDPM O-Ring Seals (Red Anodized)
Part Number            Size                          Max PSI
555-103000             -03AN                     2900 PSI
555-103001             -04AN                     2550 PSI
555-103002             -06AN                     2150 PSI
555-103003             -08AN                     1200 PSI
Non-Spill Couplings w/ Viton O-ring Seals (Black Anodized)
Part Number            Size                          Max PSI
555-103010             -03AN                     2900 PSI
555-103011             -04AN                     2550 PSI
555-103012             -06AN                     2150 PSI
555-103013             -08AN                     1200 PSI

For more information, go to www.jegs.com.