New TRANZILLA TKO High RPM Carbon Fiber Lined Synchro Rings

RSG’s new Tranzilla High RPM Synchro Rings solve a traditional high rpm balky shift problem. These unique carbon fiber lined synchro rings will permit smoother shifts at a much higher rpm than the stock synchros. Tests have shown consistent, clean shifts as high as 8000rpm.

Sold in sets of five, the Tranzilla High RPM Synchro Rings replace all of the O.E. brass rings. These rings will transform your gearbox, giving you the confidence to grab the next gear in the heat of competition. No more hanged or missed shifts… just positive gear changes.

Tranzilla TKO Synchro Rings are available from you local Rockland Standard Gear dealer or directly from Rockland. RSG will install these synchros and blueprint your existing TKO 500 or TKO 600, or you can buy a complete blueprinted TKO transmission with Tranzilla synchros ready to race. For more information visit them on the web at:


The DFX series by Centerforce, the next level in high-performance is now available for 1963 to 1969 Dodge Cars with 426” and 440” engines using an 18-Spline transmission. This new clutch assembly replaces the clutch assembly with higher holding capacity pressure plate designed for a direct bolt in replacement and ceramic button style disc.  Centerforce strives to provide the best products on the market today on all performance levels by using patented processes and constantly testing different materials and designs to find the best combination. 

The DFX series is the latest of extreme performance clutches from Centerforce designed as a direct bolt in for perfect fit and function.  DFX scores big, not only with holding-capacity and strength, but also provides some of the best drivability from a race-inspired clutch.

This DFX performance clutch system utilizes the patented Centerforce centrifugal weight system for maximum grip, a patented Ball Bearing design for light pedal and quick release, Nodular Iron pressure plate rings and reinforcements designed to help prevent drive strap breakage and safety.

Please contact any Centerforce dealer or Centerforce directly with questions at 928/771-8422 or visit them online at

New Ultraflite transmission from Tranzact

A long overdue breakthrough in transmission technology is now available from Tranzact of Indy for 727 high horsepower racing. Compiled from information provided by the racing public and dyno testing, they offer three different ratios that have set the standard for these applications. Testing for the past five years on multiple doorslammers, dragsters and funnycars have proven these ratios are the best and strongest possible for gear selections. Plus, Tranzact offers a two speed option for throttle stops, so they don't get caught during shift change. Shifting is handled by a billet valvebody with multi shifting options.

1:95 1st for 2-speed
1:95 1st 1:35 2nd 1:1 3rd
2:12 1st 1:35 2nd 1:1 3rd
2:28 1st 1:40 2nd 1:1 3rd

These combinations of helical and spur cut gears are NOT a welded up 904. They are larger and stronger to provide the needed strength for horsepower and the durability we sought.

For a limited time, a special price is available for a complete transmission, fully bearing and lightened components, plus an aluminum high rev drum, billet valvebody, race-prepped case with a deep pan and extension. A great deal!  For more information contact Tranzact at or call Joe at (317) 846-4933.