Xtreme Duty SFI Flexplates for Dodge Cummins 6.7L by PRW

SFI 29.1 approved and designed to exacting standards, these flexplates were manufactured using the finest cold welding processes to create the premiere product for street, high performance, and extreme duty racing applications.  Designed to take the punishment of high horsepower engines, the precision welded ring gears and the durable, 4mm center plate withstand maximum intensity rpm and the stress of engine torque.  For more information, please contact: PRW (714) 792-1000 or www.PRW-USA.com.


  1. 4mm thick centerplate
  2. Exceeds SFI 29.1 standards
  3. Precision welded using robotic machinery and a cold-welding process
  4. Engineered for the most rigorous racing while still suitable for the street

Reid 392 Cackle Rocker Arms

Reid Machine, manufacturer of the “Reid” family of high performance exhaust rocker arms for the blown fuel, blown alcohol and injected fuel cars, is proud to announce the arrival of the 392 direct replacement / Cackle exhaust rocker arm and 392 “competition” rocker arm assemblies.
Made from billet 4340 chrome moly steel, heat treated and double tempered, the new arms boast the some of the same design features of the now race proven 426 arms being used by some of the top professional teams that were first released in early 2008.

An “I-beam” structure, with full time oiling to the pushrod through the adjuster, these arms feature bronze bushing and an electroless nickel coating to resist rust and the corrosive effects of nitromethane.

The new “Competition” assembly has oil feeding through both intake and exhaust shafts, with a provision for additional oiling to the exhaust valves and springs through the stands, the shafts are made from 4130 chrome moly steel, .250 wall tubing and are centerless ground, hard chrome plated then ground to size, creating a smooth surface to provide maximum life and durability, both intake and exhaust rocker arms have roller tips.

All Reid rockers and stands are made in the U.S.A. in our facility.

For more information go to www.reidmachine.com or call 951-245-8850


To prevent rough idling and stalling, your fuel-injection system must be free of contaminants like varnish and sludge. Your engine builds up these substances during normal use, and is generally the result of reversion, a process where a small amount of the air/fuel mixture is pushed back into the intake tract creating the varnish and sludge. The result is black ooze that travels through the throttle body, mass air meter and even onto the air filter.

Justice Brother’s inexpensive Fuel-Injection Air Intake System Cleaner is specially formulated to dissolve these reversion buildups, resulting in improved throttle response, clean air intake passages and eliminating sticking butterflies. This product will not harm your oxygen sensors, wide-band or other smog control devices, and is perfectly safe for use in all late model fuel-injected gasoline engines.

Fuel-Injection Air Intake System Cleaner is available in two convenient aerosol sizes (5 and 8-ounces) and as a fuel additive in a can. This product is easy to use and you’ll feel the results after a short period of driving. Visit www.justicebrothers.com to preview their complete line of vehicle care and maintenance products.