This all-new chemical formulation is an oil additive that contains not only JB Metal Conditioner, but also powerful cleaning agents to dissolve hardened varnish and gum deposits, free up dirty valve stems, and lubricate lifters and stuck piston rings. It’s the perfect damage preventative for new engines, and the “EXTRA” treatment to help preserve older high-mileage engines, plus it reduces oil consumption.

Justice Brothers OIL TREATMENT EXTRA provides enhanced oil viscosity and reduces friction. Controlling friction reduces internal heat, helping to minimize parts wear. This is particularly important for the cam and bearings in high-mileage engines. Adding a can of OIL TREATMENT EXTRA at each oil change will also quiet your noisy engine and extend its useful life, saving you costly repair bills.

For over 70-years JUSTICE BROTHERS has been a supplier of quality professional vehicle care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America, each JUSTICE BROTHERS additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer performance and reliability. Contact them at JUSTICE BROTHERS, 2734 Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care centers.


Created to overcome deflection and to improve valve-train stability when used in conjunction with high-performance camshafts and valve train, Trend produces this new shaft from thick-wall 4130 chrome molybdenum, subjects it to two heat treatments—through-hardening and nitriding—and finally applies a DLC (diamond-like coating).

The nitriding process not only contributes a tough surface skin (.015in deep) but also produces the ideal surface for the application of the DLC. The DLC provides increased wear-resistance and reduced coefficient of friction. The 4130 chrome molybdenum material is selected not only for its strength and excellent heat-treatment properties but also for its ability to facilitate a fine surface finish of .5 micro inches (Ra—roughness average).

With a diameter and length of .865in and 19.3125in respectively, the new shaft directly replaces the original (contained within the Mopar rocker assembly, Part Number 053021574AA). Obviously, this new Trend shaft is equipped with all the correct mounting holes, requisite lubricating holes, and freeze plugs installed in the ends.

For further information contact Livernois Motorsports 2500 South Gulley Road, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125, Telephone: (313) 561-5500.

Summit Racing AN and NPT Auto Plumbing Gauge

Summit Racing Equipment has taken some of the guesswork out of automotive plumbing projects with its new Summit Racing Equipment® AN and NPT Auto Plumbing Gauge. Precision laser cut from 304 stainless steel, this handy tool can help determine exact sizes of:

* Male AN fittings sizes -4AN to -16AN
* AN wrenches sizes -4AN to -16AN
* NPT plug and fitting diameters 1/8” to ¾”
* Outside diameter (O.D.) of stainless steel braided hose -4AN to -16AN
* Outside diameter (O.D.) of steel brake, fuel, and transmission lines from 3/16” to 3/8” fractional sizes only.

The Summit Racing AN NPT Auto Plumbing Gauge is easy to use—simply match fittings, pipes, and hoses to the proper notch or hole in the gauge to quickly determine the correct size. For more product or pricing information, call 1-800-230-3030 or visit SummitRacing.com.