Boninfante Performance Clutch Parts New 10" Street/Strip High Performance Clutch

Boninfante Performance Clutch Parts, the leader in racing clutches for all forms of motorsports, has developed a new 10" clutch designed for drag racing street/strip applications for engines up to 1,500 horsepower.

This new six-finger clutch, which fits into a stock bellhousing, is available in a one or two disc configurations and is legal for all sanctioning bodies and all forms of drag racing. Unlike the diaphragm style clutches currently in use, the new Boninfante clutch utilizes a single disc for street applications and an optional two-disc setup for high horsepower engines. Built to the same aerospace specifications as their other products, the new street/strip clutch is designed for the weekly grass roots racer who wants to have a clutch that will perform in all sorts of conditions.

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Professional Products is famous for their large selection of high-performance street and race dampers. As a result of numerous requests, they have engineered two inexpensive (approx. $200) Powerforce+Plus 6.95-inch dampers for the early 1992-’02 (#90016) and the 2003-’09 (#90017) Dodge VIPER engines. A front timing cover change was made in ’03 necessitating the damper change. These dampers meet SFI specifications for extreme race applications on high-horsepower engines. The SFI Foundation establishes strict standards for specialty/performance auto and racing equipment.
Professional Products Powerforce+Plus Dodge VIPER dampers duplicate the factory damper dimensions for easy installation, are manufactured from forged 1045 steel, and include a keyway for those who prefer to add a keyslot in the crankshaft to provide extra safety. These dampers provide the best value and race ready quality when compared to anything on the market.

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Mechanical secondary carbs with electric choke are available in 600-CFM, 650-CFM and 750-CFM. Vacuum secondary carbs with electric choke are available in 570-CFM, 670-CFM and 770-CFM. Each Proform aluminum Street Series carb includes metering blocks pre-calibrated for today’s performance engines. These carburetors, while lighter than the street carb competition, are still far more affordable.

These all new carburetors feature changeable idle air bleeds for easy calibration changes if needed. Four corner idle on mechanical secondary carbs help fine tune engines with aggressive camshaft profiles, and the changeable idle feed restrictions further expand idle adjustment capabilities. Service and tuning components are available from most performance parts retail outlets. They also feature aluminum float bowls with fuel level windows, so float level changes do not require the removal of the sight plug. The bowls come with 3/8-inch inverted flare fuel inlet fittings which will accept all conventional dual feed fuel lines compatible with Holley® four-barrel carbs.

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