Fuelab Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules - Put a High Flow Fuel Pump in Your Tank

Fuelab Prodigy In-Tank Power Modules bring the company’s popular external fuel pump technology inside the fuel tank, easier than ever before. Developed for racing and capable of street use, these fuel systems can provide fuel for up to 1800HP.  Power Modules, like all Prodigy Fuel Pumps, are compatible with Gasoline, E85, Methanol or Diesel Fuels.  Power Modules can be coupled with Fuelab’s Electronic Fuel pressure Regulator, bringing high flow capacity with automatic demand speed control (no programming, calibration or additional control boxes required).

Power Modules work with available installation kits including a Fabricator’s Kit, which allows installation of the Power Module into steel or aluminum tanks and fuel cells, using a unique sealed flange system. This system enables a quicker installation, with quick and easy service access, and includes an adjustable pick-up with integrated fuel strainer. Kit configurations for factory stock fuel tanks are available as well.

Self-contained and compact Power Modules eliminate the need to strap multiple fuel pumps onto a hanger, and require no splicing of tee fittings, hoses and wires inside the fuel tank. This avoids the risk of multiple pump failure and potential engine damage. Each Power Module includes auxiliary outlets for optional use of jet pumps. Jet pumps allow transfer of fuel within the fuel tank, for tough situations such as saddle tanks or internal sumps / baffles.

The Power Module system provides a clean installation by hiding the straining filter and pump. Installation time is quicker, with less fuel system components that require mounting. Previously considered problematic vehicles that are hard to sump, have saddle tanks or otherwise do not have enough room or a good location available for an external pump, now have a viable, simple and reliable solution. For more information visit: www.fuelab.com.

Classic Industries Opens Windows Into Your Engine

Anyone who has had to troubleshoot an engine problem can attest that the job would be much easier if you could see into the engine without taking it apart. Classic Industries is making that a reality by adding transparent thermostats and valve covers to its selection of engine products.

“Transparent engine parts were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, but the plastics of the day had severe limitations. They were prone to cracking and often became cloudy,” said Ray Yager, Classic Industries Merchandising Director. “Recent advances in materials, especially polycarbonates, have virtually eliminated those concerns.”

These new thermostat assemblies are manufactured from billet aluminum and heavy borosilicate glass, as used in steam boilers, and are designed to accept thermostats and restrictor plates. The valve covers are manufactured from a polycarbonate blend that will not warp, haze, or become yellow over time due to heat, while causing oil to sheet after about 30 seconds, even after running at high-RPM.

“These are more than novelty items,” added Yager. “With a window into the beating heart of the vehicle, it’s easy to find and correct minor problems in valve train, cooling, and oiling systems before they become major problems.”

Part # Description Part # Description
VP2001 – Chevrolet Small Block – housing only VP2007 – Pontiac V8 – housing only
VP2002 – Chevrolet Small Block – 180° VP2008 – Pontiac V8 – 180°
VP2003 – Chevrolet Small Block – 195° VP2009 – Pontiac V8 – 195°
VP2004 – Mopar V8 – housing only VP2010 – Oldsmobile V8 – housing only
VP2005 – Mopar V8 – 180° VP2011 – Oldsmobile V8 – 180°
VP2006 – Mopar V8 – 195° VP2012 – Oldsmobile V8 – 195°
Valve Covers      
10110 – Chevrolet Small Block    
10111 – Chevrolet Big Block    

For more information on these products or to purchase them online, please visit www.classicindustries.com or call Classic Industries toll-free at 1-855-35-PARTS (1-855-357-2787).


Controlling engine friction reduces internal heat, helping to minimize parts wear. Justice Brothers OIL TREATMENT EXTRA provides enhanced oil viscosity and reduces damaging friction. This is particularly important for the cam and bearings in high-mileage engines. Adding a can of Justice Brothers OIL TREATMENT EXTRA at each oil change will quiet your noisy engine and extend its useful life, saving you costly repair bills.

It would be hard to find a more inhospitable environment than inside your internal combustion engine. Parts moving at unbelievable speeds, extreme caustic heat with ultra-hot liquids and gases flowing everywhere. The result is dirt, varnish and carbon building up and coating internal parts. Every engine needs Justice Brothers OIL TREATMENT EXTRA!

This oil additive that contains not only JB Metal Conditioner®, but also powerful cleaning agents to dissolve hardened varnish and gum deposits, free up dirty valve stems, and lubricate lifters and stuck piston rings. It’s the perfect damage preventative for new engines, and the “EXTRA” treatment to help preserve older high-mileage engines, and it reduces oil consumption.

For over 75-years JUSTICE BROTHERS has been a supplier of quality professional vehicle care products used worldwide. Manufactured in America, each JUSTICE BROTHERS additive and lubricant is custom blended to offer performance and reliability. Contact them at JUSTICE BROTHERS, 2734 Huntington Drive, Duarte, CA 91010, (626) 359-9174, Fax: (626) 357-2550. Available only at professional car care centers.

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