Inglese Electronic Fuel Injection Induction Systems

The new Inglese EFI Induction Systems may look like classic Weber induction, but these highly advanced systems deliver performance capable of supporting up to 1000 hp engines. Inglese uses FAST advanced XFI electronics, Dual-Sync Distributors and Precision-Flow Fuel Injectors (GM LS7 type) integrated into precision cast aluminum 50mm IDA throttle bodies. Best of all, with your Inglese EFI system camshaft choice is greatly increased, allowing for precise targeting of the horsepower and torque to be generated – something not possible with standard Weber carbureted engines. Inglese EFI Induction Systems can also be purchased without the FAST XFI engine controls and distributors for use with existing EFI engine controllers.

The Inglese EFI systems feature an aircraft-quality hex aluminum linkage designed to provide trouble free actuation. The manifold uses custom-engineered, low-profile fuel feed rails that sit below the stacks and between the throttle bodies. This amazing system is engineered to deliver trouble-free service under normal heat environments and avoid the common binding found with many inferior systems.

To properly design the Inglese EFI system that’s right for your engine, follow four simple steps. First, choose the “base kit” determined by the type of engine you have (base kit will include the intake manifold, throttle body assembly and complete FAST XFI kit and Dual-Sync Distributor). Next, choose the correct injector size for your system based on the targeted horsepower to be achieved. Third, select the size and finish of the velocity stacks and finally, the proper fuel pump kit. An Inglese expert can provide invaluable guidance in the selection of these components.

ProRacing Sim FastLapSim5 Top-Of-The-Line Road Racing Simulation Software

Building a competitive road racing vehicle is a never-ending search for the perfect combination of suspension, tires, gear ratios, braking points, steering path and a hundred other variables needed to arrive at the winner’s circle. Thanks to FastLapSim5 from ProRacing Sim, any road racing enthusiast with a PC can accurately simulate vehicle components, try unique combinations and test the entire vehicle on any closed-course – all without twisting a single wrench or buying any parts. Easily tests suspension setups, gear ratios, engine power curves, shifting and braking points and much more.

Enthusiasts can select from any of the 30+ built-in tracks, skid pads and slaloms. By using the powerful, built-in Track Editor, anyone can add more tracks or design his or her own custom track layouts. Tracks can be built with any length, varying widths, and any number of turns. Advanced simulation techniques calculate an optimum driving path and precise braking points through every turn and straightaway.

New FastLapSim5 is an easy-to-use and remarkably accurate road-course simulation that is fun to use and guaranteed to improve the handling and performance of your next project vehicle. A top-of-the-line simulation from ProRacing Sim, FastLapSim5 runs on any Microsoft Windows-equipped PC (compatible with 95/98/Me/2000/XP and Vista) and is fully compatible with all DeskTop Dyno5, DynoSim5 and Dynomation5 engine files.

Chrysler SRT Single Nozzle Nitrous System

Nitrous Express introduces its complete line of “Made in the USA” drive by wire activated nitrous systems engineered exclusively for Chrysler SRTs.  Using exclusive “Smart Box” technology, NX enables the SRT enthusiast to install these systems with no hassles, just plug and play! Also included in the system is the Chrysler Fuel Line Adapter, exclusive only to Nitrous Express. Available in power levels from a docile 35 horsepower tickle to a mind bending 250 wheel horsepower. All NX Fly By Wire nitrous systems come complete with your choice of 5lb, 10lb, 15lb, or 12lb composite nitrous bottles, NX Autolearn TPS switch, stainless bottle bracket, NEW Lightning solenoids, extra long stainless braided N2O line, and all necessary hardware to complete the installation.