Chrysler’s B-Body line up from 1965-’69 includes the Coronet, Super Bee, Charger and Daytona. All are extremely popular with Mopar collectors and restorers. Just Dashes can restore any B-Body interior vinyl part you can remove from your car to concours condition, in the correct grain pattern and factory color. These original 1966 Charger seat backs, with the lower carpet inserts, have just been finished by the craftsmen at Just Dashes.

These seat backs were stripped to the original cores, which were completely cleaned, and then re-skinned in the factory style Cologne grain vinyl. New correct carpet inserts were then installed for a better than new appearance. Plastic chroming is available, along with complete gauge and bezel restoration, quartz clock conversions and console restoration. Interior restoration is available for most Fifties through Seventies Mopars. Preview all Just Dashes restoration products and services at

EXPEL Odor Neutralizer From Orison Marketing

Expel Odor Neutralizer from Orison Marketing eliminates the need to mask bad smells in your car with an air freshener. It will remove the nastiest stenches from your vehicles upholstery in a matter of minutes. Mold, mildew, pets, kids, food and even cigarette smoke smells are a thing of the past!

Before spraying Expel, vacuum the entire car thoroughly and remove any trash. Don't forget to clean the trunk too. Spray Expel Odor Neutralizer on the carpet, floor mats, roof lining and seats with the 32-ounce pump spray bottle. Turn the heater or air conditioning on to full blast and spray Expel into the air intake vents that are usually under the glove box. Roll up all the windows and let the air circulate for a few minutes.

Extremely foul stenches may require a second application to eradicate them from the vehicles air vents and upholstery. You can add 5 to 10-ounces of Expel to a gallon of carpet shampoo solution for deeper cleaning.

Expel Odor Neutralizer is environmentally safe, non-hazardous and non-staining. For additional information, log on at, or contact Orison Marketing, 4801 South Danville, Abilene, TX 79602, (325) 692-1135,


Thrush – a popular brand among classic car owners and muscle car enthusiasts – has announced the return of the iconic Hush Thrush Super Turbo muffler. The Hush Thrush Super Turbo muffler will be available from performance retailers nationwide early spring.

The new Hush Thrush Super Turbo mufflers – stamped with the vintage Thrush “Woodpecker” logo – feature an improved, large diameter internal tri-flow design to enhance flow and performance. Available in today’s most popular sizes, each Hush Thrush muffler includes reversible flow chambers, making it an easy addition to any hot rod or muscle car. Constructed from all-aluminized materials, Hush Thrush mufflers provide a crisp, performance Thrush tone through fiberglass matting. The new mufflers are available in a 14-in. overall length with a 2 ¼-in., 2 ½-in., or 3-in. inlet and outlet diameter in side-center and side-side configurations.

For more information about the Hush Thrush Super Turbo muffler or any other Thrush product, visit