StopFlex stainless braided hose kits are available for most muscle cars, and other performance vehicles, from the Sixties to present. Classic Tube has a fitment for your muscle machine, regardless if it’s equipped with non-power drum or four-wheel power disc brakes, and everything in between! Having bulletproof brake lines, particularly on a vintage performance vehicle, is simply invaluable insurance against disaster. StopFlex brake lines are ready to install right out of the box!

StopFlex is fitted with the correct end fittings for your muscle car application, and the 5-layer construction virtually eliminates volumetric expansion, providing a firm pedal and superior braking efficiency. Made with Teflon hose, Kevlar® braid and stainless steel braided wire, Classic Tube’s StopFlex brake hose assemblies are certified and approved by the Department Of Transportation (DOT) for street use, and exceed specifications for off-road racing use. For the concourse restoration purist, any braided hose kit can also be made in rubber for the factory stock look. To preview all their fuel, brake, transmission, vacuum and hydraulic tubing and hose applications visit


The new Free All Deep Penetrating Oil 12-ounce Bullet can, featuring an improved, solid grip, is available at select auto parts stores nationwide. The new can style prevents slippage and includes a special straw-style applicator.

Free All utilizes a proven formula that quickly and easily dissolves rust and corrosion and prevents the need for torching, drilling, hammering and chiseling to free virtually any frozen fastener or part. And unlike competing formulas, the Free All silicone-free penetrant won’t damage painted surfaces. Free All Deep Penetrating Oil is a leading product in the line of specialty chemicals available from Federal Process Corp. To learn more about the other unique, powerful chemicals in the Free All line, please visit


Ultra-Performance satisfies a wide range of grease requirements from the lubrication of bearings to u-joints and general-purpose use. It has outstanding extreme pressure capabilities and excellent water resistance to both emulsion and washout. UPG is made using a superior blend of synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s unique, proprietary, noncorrosive Synslide additive technology.

When the China Star Bullet Train was having heat problems keeping them from achieving optimal speed, they evaluated 26 of the best lubricants available. After testing, engineers selected Royal Purple’s Ultra-Performance Grease. Not only did Ultra-Performance Grease help them resolve their heat problems, it also enabled them to set a new land-speed record for bullet trains. For more information, go to

Ultra-Performance Grease is stable at high temperatures.  It also has excellent oxidation resistance for extended service life and to provide a margin of safety between lubrication intervals. It is available to consumers in standard 14½-ounce grease tubes. For more information on Royal Purple or its products, contact Royal Purple Inc., One Royal Purple Lane, Porter, TX 77365, 281-354-8600,

New 1100-A Inline Fuel Pump from Weldon Racing Pumps

Weldon Racing Pump’s 1100-A is based off of its proven 600-A design, but with much higher flow ratings and capabilities.  The 1100-A is designed to be extremely quiet and self-priming – mounting can be above the fuel tank without worry or concern.  The pump’s internal components are 100% metallic providing for a longer lasting pump and is housed in the familiar stainless steel housing with billet aluminum ends and dash 10 inlet and outlet ports for easy plumbing.  The 1100-A can be easily adapted for carbureted or fuel injected use, making this unit ideal for most high horse-powered (1100 hp @ 80 psi) street driven vehicles. 

To learn more about Weldon Racing Pump’s exclusive line of fuel system components visit, or call 440-232-2282 (ext. 103) for more information.