Between ’71 and ’74 most Dodge and Plymouth B-Body cars utilized the same dash pad as shown here. Now Just Dashes takes this pad to a new level by adding three gauge pods angled toward the driver. Joining the ’67-’74 A-Body and ’68-’70 B-body gauge pads, this completely restored pad will accept any three 2 1/16-inch gauges of your choice, complimenting the existing instruments in your cluster.

Just Dashes hand forms the three pods into the front edge of the pad and expertly angles them so you can monitor your engine’s vital functions with a quick glance. No more taking your eyes from the road or track searching for under dash gauges. Just Dashes adds these custom pods during the restoration of your pad, and it can be colored to exactly match your original or custom interior color. Plastic chrome plating, gauge restoration, bezel restoration and detailing, and more are available from the craftsmen at Just Dashes. For more information on all their services and products visit www.justdashes.com.


The Super Tach III (CP7914) features a large 5" white dial face that registers 0 to 10,000 RPMs with a bright red pointer for quick view. It is enclosed in a metal casing decked with a striking reflective chrome finish, accentuated with aerodynamic relief vents on each side of the parabola-shaped housing.

Multiple internal settings provide for 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-cylinder engines, covering modern distributorless Direct Ignition System (DIS) applications (via the 2-cylinder mode). An adjustable swivel mounting foot allows you to position the Super Tach III at any angle, and an adjustable shift light can be repositioned around the tach body. The Super Tach III also features incandescent back lighting to avoid uneven hot spots for better night visibility.

All Sunpro tachs incorporate vibration-proof, air-core meter movement to ensure they respond rapidly to system changes for a precise reading, are factory calibrated and certified, and are backed by a full one-year warranty. Visit www.sunpro.com online.


Transmission fluid lubricates and cools the hard working parts inside your transmission. As seals and gaskets age and shrink, fluid can leak, reducing the required fluid level, and its effectiveness. Without your transmission, you and your vehicle are going nowhere. Justice Brothers Trans Stop-Leak could be the solution to this problem. As your transmission absorbs mile after mile of friction and internal wear, extreme heat and contaminants build up, and you start to find leaking fluid spots on the driveway.

Justice Brothers Trans Stop-Leak is a specially formulated additive that reconditions dry and leaky seals, reduces heat and helps reduce the build up of sludge and varnish caused by super hot transmission fluid. Justice Brothers Trans Stop-Leak helps prevent the formation of these contaminants, plus it mixes readily with all factory approved transmission fluids. Adding a can to your transmission will assist in preventing leaks and prolong transmission life. Visit www.justicebrothers.com to preview their complete line of premium quality automotive care products.

DUSTOP Custom Indoor Protection

Just because your vehicle is stored indoors doesn’t mean it’s properly protected. Dust, chemicals, air-borne pollutants, etc., all populate your garage as well, and can be harmful to your paint and interior. To combat these intruders, Covercraft makes custom vehicle covers with DUSTOP, which is the softest (soft as flannel) material for fine paint, and it is totally dust-proof. It’s rated BEST for indoor conditions and carries a four-year warranty under normal use.

The top two layers of DUSTOP are polyethylene spunbond with a meltblown polypropylene middle layer, providing a superior barrier against dust. The soft, high-loft inner layer pampers and protects even the finest paint surfaces. This multi-layer construction far surpasses the dust protection from traditional woven cover materials. DUSTOP is available in Taupe color and is perfect for your indoor storage situation. Each DUSTOP cover is custom patterned to precisely fit your car, truck or SUV. Visit www.covercraft.com to see all their vehicle protection products.