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Centerforce DFX CLUTCH

Centerforce introduces this DFX Series clutch assembly for 2005.5 to 2007 Dodge Ram 5.9L and 6.7L Turbo Diesel with the G56 Aluminum (Mercedes) Transmission. The new DFX line is the latest series of extreme performance clutches from Centerforce designed as a direct bolt in for perfect fit and function. DFX scores big, not only with holding-capacity and strength, but also provides some of the best drivability for your high torque application.

DFX performance clutch systems utilize a patented Centrifugal Weight System for increased holding capacity with RPM. The metallic button style disc has been through constant testing of different friction materials and hub designs to bring the best possible combination available to you.

The DFX part number 01413523 (S.M.F. Flywheel, Pressure Plate, Disc, Release Bearing, Pilot Bearing, Alignment Tool, and Bolts included) is now available. Please contact any Centerforce dealer or Centerforce directly with questions at 928/771-8422 or visit them online at www.centerforce.com

ECO-D Concentrated Degreaser

ECO-D is a specially formulated non-toxic, biodegradable concentrated degreaser that is perfect for use in soak tanks, ultra sonic tanks, parts washers and pressure washers. It is engineered to remove grease, oil and carbon build-up on vehicles, shop equipment and parts. It is safer and stronger than hazardous petroleum based solvents.

ECO-D may be used straight from the bottle or diluted to better suit your needs. Even though a small amount of emulsification takes place, ECO-D separates the majority of the contaminants and allows them to float on the surface for easy skimming. Filthy parts can be soaked from one minute to 24-hours to remove the toughest gunk you can find. Agitation and heat help speed up the process, but are not necessary.

ECO-D is environmentally safe, effective and non-hazardous.

For additional information, log on at www.orisonmarketing.com.

STACK ST700 Dash Display Tachometers

ST700’s are available in both black and white dial variations to suit your visual preference and include low glare satin black bezels.  This signature STACK Analog and Digital display technology is action-packed with features, and housed in a compact 80mm casing. STACK ST700 Dash Display Tachometers feature the legendary, extremely rugged, STACK stepper-motor movement, with Digital Quartz accuracy for unparalleled precision and is configurable for most engine types utilizing standard and magneto style ignitions. ST700’s come standard with the following features:

  1. Peak ‘Tell-Tale’ memory for all monitored engine parameters
  2. Integrated Voltmeter
  3. User programmable, 4 way configurable, LED sequential shift light
  4. Intelligent Alarm warning system and integrated light, with user programmable warning points for all monitored engine parameters
  5. 2 User configurable analog sensor input channels for use with optional sensors and harness (sold separately) to monitor any two of the following parameters: fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, differential temperature, boost pressure, or air temperature to name a few!

Stack ST700’s utilize adjustable brightness, LED backlighting to reduce current draw, provide excellent nighttime visibility and exceptional vibration resistance. Off-road and open top vehicle aficionados will appreciate the ST700’s extremely durable billet aluminum casing, which is fully sealed against dust and moisture, to exacting IP67 standards. Intuitive, rotary-pushbutton menu programming, and twist-lock mil-spec professional motorsports wiring harness make installation and operation a breeze. The show crowd will also appreciate demo mode functionality, which gives life to all the functions of the display and gives the look of speed to your car’s interior even while it’s sitting still.

Stack ST700 Dash Display Tachometers are available in a variety of RPM ranges to suit your application including 8k linear, 10.5k dual scale, and 15k dual scale.

For more information about these instruments and other quality STACK products visit www.stackinc.com.


Whether your vehicle of choice has two wheels or four, cleaning the wheels, tightening gears and fixing brakes takes time, and all of that bending and kneeling can really do a number on backs and knees. The Rugged Roll Work Seat makes projects at this level enjoyable anywhere around the garage as well as the house or garden. 

The Rugged Roll Work Seat has a wide seating area to help avoid back injuries while its heavy construction makes for a durable companion for auto enthusiasts. It sits on smooth rolling wheels for easy mobility and comes complete with a convenient carrying handle for easy transportation. The one piece seat and body design gives excellent load bearing strength and will support in excess of 300 lbs.

  1. 12 inches high
  2. Rolling 7 inch “mag” wheels
  3. Compact 14 inches wide x 28 inches long
  4. 12 inch x 12 inch under-seat shelf for tools and parts
  5. Holder for aerosol cans or 12 oz. beverage

Available at the Step2 Web site: www.step2.com/product.cfm?product_id=1555