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GOT RACE? Anyone interested in winning races needs this Vehicle Scale System from Proform Parts. Regardless if you drag race Pro or Super Stock, or any type of circle track competition, you need this tool. This quality 4-pad Large Scale Weighing Kit comes in a heavy-duty black carrying case and is rated at 5000-pounds, 1250 per pad. Now you can easily measure cross weight, side-to-side and front and rear weight for quick, precise chassis adjustments.

This Proform Large Scale Weighing Kit features 20-foot cables, each marked for the correct pad, oversized, easy to read display characters, front and rear percentages and is accurate to 1/10th of 1-percent. It’s also easy to use and the best part, it’s affordable with an MSRP of $799. In professional hands it’s also possible to calculate chassis bind with this tool.

PROFORM also has a large selection of engine building tools and performance engine parts available at www.proformparts.com.


It's always "race time" with this clever clock! Automotive buffs and race fans alike will delight at the sight of this playful timepiece, shaped just like a stacked pair of beefy dragster tires. Handy alarm function helps you get an early start to zoom through your day! Plastic and glass.

Requires one AA battery (not included). 3 3/8" diameter x 4 1/4" high.

For more information please visit: www.automotivenoveltygifts.com.


You can design your own luxury-weight custom car and trunk mats from any combination of carpet colors, edging styles, heelpads, embroidery and logo options.

GG Bailey car mats are a custom-fit for your vehicle. You can design complimentary car mat colors for your interior or bright vibrant colors that make a statement like oriental, leopard, plaid or pink car mats. GG Bailey’s in-house designers are trusted by celebrities to outfit their vehicles with the latest designs and styles.

Online ordering makes selecting your luxury-weight, custom-designed carpet car mats simple and efficient. Choose your Year, Make and Model and create your mats using their Design Your Car Mat Virtual Mat that guides you through your design options. Through high-tech ordering and manufacturing processes, your mats will be made within Two Business Days from receipt of order.

Only with GG Bailey can you custom-design and personalize your car mats – you choose exactly how they will be made. Through their embroidery options you can embroider whatever you would like on your mats: personal, business, your favorite charity, sports names, initials, numbers and much more.

Available only at www.ggbailey.com.

ACCEL DFI Digital Nitrous Processor - Single Stage

State of the art Digital Nitrous Control System allows the user to control how much and when Nitrous is delivered to the engine. This helps to prevent engine and or drivetrain failure while allowing greater control in traction and performance
when using your nitrous system.

Features and Benefits:

* RPM Based Nitrous Control 
* Time Based Nitrous Control
* RPM & Time Based Nitrous Control 
* Pulse Width Modulation Control 
* Ignition Timing Control 
* High Speed Timing Retard 
* Nitrous activation delay timer 
* RPM activated switch 
* Over REV Limiter and 2 Step REV Limiter
* Fuel/N2O offset (Help to prevent backfires) 
* System can be triggered from a throttle switch or a TPS sensor on EFI Systems 
* Will control a fuel and nitrous solenoid requiring up to 25 AMP draw. 

Application: Universal 4-5-6-8-10-12 cylinder, Nitrous Equipped Applications. 

For more information, go to www.accel-dfi.com.  

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