Volume III, Issue 2, Page 39

850 CFM Q-Series Carb From Quick Fuel Technology

The polished cast-aluminum main body and float bowls, along with the billet throttle body and metering blocks, reduce the overall weight immensely over conventional carbs! QFT's CNC machined metering blocks with 4-stage emulsion provide more precise fuel metering with improved throttle response and a more uniform fuel performance curve. Q-Series carbs feature four-corner idle, adjustable idle air bleeds, Teflon-coated slabbed throttle shafts with Teflon ribbon bearings and four clear sight glass windows for easy float level adjustment. Even with the great adjustability, the Q-850 is not recommended for street applications.

There is a Q-Series carburetor for almost any race application. The QFT Q-Series starts with a 650 drag race gasoline carb and moves up the performance ladder to a 1050 circle track alcohol carb and everything in between.

Visit Quick Fuel Technology on the web at www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel delivery experts at quickfuel@earthlink.net.


StopFlex Wrangler stainless braided hoses feature a 5-layer design utilizing 304 stainless braided wire, Teflon hose and Kevlar braid, making them the strongest on the market. StopFlex hoses are corrosion resistant, prevent volumetric expansion and are D.O.T approved for street and off-road applications. CLASSIC TUBE also manufacturers pre-bent brake line kits, fuel line kits, return lines, transmission lines, hydraulic clutch line and vacuum lines for all types of Jeep vehicles as well as most domestic cars, trucks and SUV’s.

To preview their complete line of fluid transfer products and tools visit www.classictube.com.

Custom Forged Diesel Pistons From ROSS Racing Pistons

Ross Racing Pistons new Diesel Power pistons are CNC-Machined out of tough 2618 T-61 forged aluminum. They are lighter and stronger than O.E. pistons and can withstand more boost and RPM without failure. All Ross Diesel Power pistons are custom made specifically to the customers needs without compromise. Bore sizes from 3.980-inches to 4.962-inches are available in any compression ratio and bowl design, wrist pin size etc. made to customer specifications.

There are no additional “engineering” charges for special designs made from sample pistons, drawings, computer disks or emails. A full line of piston coatings is available from hard anodizing to thermal barriers.

For more information visit www.rosspistons.com.

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