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You can’t escape your gauges! If you’re driving your Mopar, you’re looking at your gauge cluster. Inoperable gauges are dangerous for your engine, and faded or scratched faces and/or broken needles are ugly! Now, Just Dashes can restore your Mopar gauge cluster to like new condition, regardless of year, make or model. They can also convert your clock to a quartz movement, which won’t quit like the original points type, and keep perfect time.

Each gauge will be meticulously restored with the correct new background, numbers and needles, the odometer and tripometer can be recalibrated, plastic chrome plating or woodgrain can be redone and the surrounding bezel painted and detailed to better than original appearance. In most cases, cracked or broken housings can be repaired as well. These restored units (from top) are a 1971-’74 E-Body, ’68 Dodge Dart and 1971-‘74 B-body. All are ready for immediate re-installation. To preview all their restoration products and services visit www.justdashes.com. Your instrument cluster will thank you for it.

DMPE Inc Unleashes the M5 14-71 Supercharger

The M5 is a supercharger is a 'modular' supercharger. Modular meaning the top and bottom of the supercharger are removable.  The top and bottom sections of the unit also house the inlet and discharge ports.  This allows the racer to tune/change the blower to his particular needs. 

DMPE Inc. developed this blower while dyno testing and modifying other units to meet customers needs. A huge advantage is the tune ability of the unit and the decreased time between blower tests.  You can drastically change this supercharger without removing it from the car. 

Remove the hat, hat spacer, then the top insert plate.  Once removed the whole top of the unit is exposed.  Yes, you can see most all of the rotors when the top plate is removed.  Insert your new billet top plate, reassemble and you are ready to test (or race). 

The bottom plate works on the same principle except you have to remove the unit to change the bottom plate/port. 

Now that testing and prototyping are complete we have billet top plates that accomplish different goals.  The customer can move horsepower and torque around as you need it for your car, weather, or over-drive needs demand.  

The M5 is 100% 3D modeled and machined.  This allows us to design in the computer, computer simulate and test the unit in virtual space.  This also allows us to machine in ways never before possible.

The M5 is 11 pounds lighter than the Kobelco and 3.5 pounds lighter in rotating mass. (rotors and drive train)

When you purchase the M5 you obtain the blower (Billet top and bottom plate to meet your requirement), snout drive, 14.2 restraint, and billet hat spacer.  The cost is $13,500.00. When comparing the price you must compare to purchasing a Kobelco,
Littlefield or PSI unit, paying a company to modify it to meet your needs, and also purchasing a hat spacer, and also the restraint plate.  Once you have weighed your costs and the ability to change the unit the value shines. 

For more info call DMPE Inc 269-428-5070 or email jonsalemi@hotmail.com

Superchips Announces First to Market 2004 – 2007 4.7L Dodge Ram & Durango Coverage

Superchips announces first to market coverage for the highly anticipated 2004 MY – 2007 MY 4.7L Dodge Ram 1500 and Dodge Durango (Dodge Dakota coming soon). The Superchips Cortex (part no. 3950) or Flashpaq (part no. 3815) performance programmers are clearly a must-have accessory for any Dodge truck desiring superior drivability, power, and performance.

The performance-bred workhorse 4.7L is now even more exciting for on-road, off-road, and towing uses with a Superchips calibration installed. Users gain up to 18 RWHP and up to 20 ft•lb torque. Other key features include the best drivability in the industry, enhanced throttle response (power on demand), 87 Octane calibration, speed limiter adjustment, RPM limiter adjustment, DAQ 1 & DAQ 2, and diagnostic trouble code read and clear capability, automatic transmission shift point adjustment, and wheel & tire recalibration for 22.5” – 42” (1/4" increments) tires. Features exclusive to Cortex include OEMFLEX Tuning and an industry-exclusive 2-year powertrain warranty.

A Superchips programmer is essentially never out of date with the free updates available exclusively at Superchips.com. Superchips consistently re-engineers their calibrations to stay in-line with the new calibration files OEM manufacturers release and makes them available at no cost to their customers.

The Superchips product line currently covers a broad range of cars, trucks, and SUVs from Ford, GM, Chrysler/Dodge, Jeep and Nissan providing power, performance, drivability, and improved mileage. Cortex, Flashpaq, and all new Mileage XS are all available for purchase in retail stores and online.

For more information, go to  www.Superchips.com.