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You can now order your custom vehicle cover with reflective welting along the front to rear silhouette seams. Any custom cover (except Form-Fit) can be manufactured with this illumination option, making your cover unique.

Incredible 500-candle power reflective welting is sewn into your vehicle specific custom cover during manufacturing, creating a cover that looks great and is more visible after dark. These covers can also be ordered with custom logos or name embroidery.

As with all Covercraft covers, the seams are overlapped and double-stitched, Neoprene elastic is sewn into the front and rear hems and non-scratch tie-down grommets are supplied. For more information on these covers and all their other vehicle protection products, visit www.covercraft.com.


Now you can accomplish any automotive or other plumbing job that requires AN fittings with only two adjustable wrenches. They are available individually in the 3 AN-to-8 AN size, wrench #67727, or the 10 AN-to-20 AN size, wrench #67728, or together in a handy set under #67729. Prune down your eight AN wrenches to only two, making more room in the toolbox!

These aluminum wrenches are great for assisting to prevent scratches on expensive polished or anodized AN fittings, they make fuel log adjustments or loosening and tightening inlet fittings easy, and they are ergonomically designed. Important features include exact adjustability, non-marring jaws and an anodized surface for long life and professional appearance. Suggested retail cost for the pair is approximately $110.

To preview their complete line of affordable external and internal engine parts and tools visit www.proformparts.com.

New & Improved Aluminator From Orison Marketing

Aluminator will take unfinished aluminum from grime to gleam in two steps: spray and rinse. Aluminator can be used as a prep-step to greatly reduce buffing or polishing to achieve the "new" aluminum look. Aluminator's etching acid solution is milder than the original formula and it packs a stronger punch. The highly concentrated Aluminator solution is very cost effective, safe, fast and easy to use. No matter how nasty the oxidation buildup is on the surface of the aluminum, Aluminator will safely remove it!

Orison’s unique product line provides a safe, effective and economical solution for cleaning, maintenance and corrosion related issues. For more information on Aluminator, visit www.orisonmarketing.com.

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