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With an increasing number of racing valve manufacturers now promoting stainless steel and titanium valves with a “Bead Lock” style groove (which require the use of special keepers with a rounded tang), Crane’s engineering team has expanded its line of Bead Lock Valve Locks for use with the company’s Multi-Fit line of steel and titanium retainers (including those that are Mikronite enhanced). They are now available for 8mm (LS-series), 5/16” and 11/32” stem valves and fully compatible with Manley, Del West, CV, and most popular bead groove valve stem configurations (single groove design).

Crane’s Bead Lock valve stem locks are designed for use with the company’s Multi-Fit retainers (3/8" hole and 7 degree taper). They are manufactured from billet steel and heat-treated for added strength. The Multi-Fit valve retainer and lock combinations allow engine builders to obtain the desired valve spring installed height, as the keepers come with standard, +.050" and -.050" tang locations. Use of the 7 degree taper provides superior clamping force.

Additional information can be obtained at: www.cranecams.com.


Extensive chassis dyno and on-track testing has confirmed that Mikronite-enhanced gears can significantly increase rear-wheel horsepower through reducing friction, and greatly improve durability by strengthening the material. Noted Pro Stock racer Warren Johnson is a firm believer in the patented Mikronite® process and states that he’s getting four to five times the service life of standard gears. Other benefits include a reduction in gear oil temperature, quieter operation and improved fuel economy.

The gears are precision CNC-machined to Crane’s specs from 8620 alloy (9310 is an available option) and strengthened through computer-controlled heat-treating. Then the ring & pinion are subjected to Mikronite’s high energy surface finishing process, which creates an ultra-smooth surface and imparts residual compressive stresses into the material substrate to toughen it. Mikronite is not a coating or plating, so it won’t wear or peel.

Most gear sets for street applications can be shipped immediately, while racing gears --due to the wide variety of ratios-- must be special ordered. Complete information and ordering is available online at www.mikromaxperformance.com.

Dart Race Series Heads

Dart is increasing production of their Race Series small block heads.

Newly produced in house on the same machines that produce all their equipment, they are now available in many different configurations, including 15, 16, and 18 degree designs. The shallow valve angles and optimum combustion chambers combine to produce boosted performance numbers over standard SBC heads.

For more information, point your browser to www.dartheads.com. 

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