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SHORT-Y Spark Plug Ignition Wires

Taylor Cable Products. has announced the release of its new “short-y” Spark Plug Ignition Wires for HEMI 5.7L production engines and most crate motors. The wires will be available in four varieties.

These wires carry the same high-performance characteristics all Taylor Wires are recognized for: long life and high-voltage delivery of maximum spark power. Taylor Cable Products is a manufacturer of high quality OEM and Performance spark plug wires, battery cables, wiring harnesses, magnetos, and other quality High Performance Ignition, Electrical Components and Accessories. 

For more information on Taylor Products, go to www.taylorvertex.com.

Intake Adapter Kit for Ford Engines

This kit allows the installation of Professional Products 4.6L 2-valve Intake Manifold, or any other 4.6L 2-valve manifold, to a 5.4L engine without additional modifications.
Professional Products includes the two aluminum adapter plates, intake gaskets and all the necessary mounting hardware to help your Mustang breathe free and produce more power.
For more information on Professional Products complete line of performance intake products, or to download the 2007 Catalog in PDF format, visit www.professional-products.com.

Retrotek Boss EFI

Carburetion or EFI? It’s a dilemma that’s faced muscle car, streetrod and resto-mod car owners for years. The problem is that port-type EFI just doesn’t look right on most classic performance cars with its fuel rails and tangle of wiring, but when you consider the drivability and fuel efficiency, it doesn’t make sense to use a carburetor anymore.
The solution is RetroTek Speed’s revolutionary billet throttle body that resembles a custom dual feed 4150-style carb. The BossEFI replaces the carburetor, providing a clean muscular appearance. It is identical in all critical dimensions to a 4150 and features four high-pressure port-style injectors placed strategically above the throttle plates. In direct back-to-back comparisons to port EFI the BossEFI made equal or more power.
The Stage II Engine Management System has an adaptive learning feature that self-tunes as you drive – no laptop or tuning skills required. It takes its information from a wideband O2 sensor and control module, with no welding necessary for the sensor installation, thanks to an innovative clamp that attaches to the exhaust.
Two sizes of throttle bodies are available: the BossEFI 750 for up to 550hp, and the BossEFI 1200 for 550hp and larger engines. Dual BossEFI and supercharged and turbo BossEFIs are also available. Systems include all wiring, sensors and instructions. Installation takes about six hours.
For more information, visit www.retrotekspeed.com. 

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