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Universal Trunk Drain Bumper for Street Rods!

This bumper is custom made to provide a professional seal and finished look for your street rod’s trunk. The bumper fits all body styles, and installs effortlessly at the bottom of the rain channel. By providing superior drainage, SRD01 prevents any leaks from escaping the rain channel and damaging surrounding areas.

All SoffSeal products are backed by a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee.

For additional information, a catalog, or the name of your local SoffSeal dealer, visit www.soffseal.com.


Metal Surface Preparation in One Step

Removing mill oil, dust, and rust from metal before welding, painting or powder coating is a long, tedious process. Trying to protect stored metal from rust can be annoying. Orison Marketing has the answer for metal surface preparation for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Rust never sleeps and neither does Picklex 20.

Orison Marketing’s Picklex 20 is the one-step, one-coat metal preparation cleaner. It is a 100% rust converter, rust inhibitor and protective coating. Picklex 20 is easily sprayed or brushed onto steel, aluminum, or galvanized steel, and provides a protective primer for top coating purposes. Upon drying, it provides a long term rust protection if stored indoors. Cold rolled steel showed a 43% increase in weld strength and welding on mill scale showed an 8% increase as compared to welding on bare metal.

For more information on Picklex 20 log on to www.orisonmarketing.com.


New 170 gph Victor Series Billet Aluminum Fuel Pumps

Constructed of high-quality aluminum, these new billet fuel pumps are fully CNC machined for exact tolerances and dependable performance. A stronger mount adds to the pump's toughness and gives peace of mind for demanding racers and street enthusiasts alike.

Edelbrock's Victor Series billet aluminum mechanical fuel pumps are ideal for high performance racing applications. The 5/8"-18 inlet and outlet come with -8AN fittings installed to provide increased flow, and the base can be rotated to allow for added flexibility with various fuel line inlet/outlet configurations. All of these pumps include a copper crush washer for a leak-proof connection. These billet aluminum pumps produce 8.5-9 psi and require a pressure regulator. For use with gasoline or alcohol these pumps are currently offered for the most popular applications.

In addition, Edelbrock offers mechanical fuel pumps in 110 and 130 gallon per hour for smaller horsepower applications.

For more information, go to www.edelbrock.com



SeatSavers are fabricated from heavy-duty polycotton which allows you and your seats to breathe, eliminating that tacky, sticky feeling while driving. Their quality construction features overlapped and double-stitched seams for durability, and the material is treated with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats. They are available in Navy Blue, Charcoal, Misty Gray, Gray, Wet Sand, Tan and Taupe. For the ultimate in seat protection install SeatSavers.

For additional information on SeatSavers and all their other vehicle care products log on at www.covercraft.com. 

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