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SeatSavers® from Covercraft Industries are custom fitted to your vehicle’s seats and provide the ultimate in protection. Easy to install and remove, these SeatSavers® protect front seats, as well as 2nd and 3rd row seats.

When dirty, wash and dry at home. SeatSavers® are available for bucket seats or multiple bench seats in your truck or SUV, plus they have cutouts provided for seat adjustment knobs, seat belts, etc.

SeatSavers® are fabricated from heavy-duty polycotton which allows you and your seats to breathe, eliminating that tacky, sticky feeling while driving. Their quality construction features overlapped and double-stitched seams for durability, and the material is treated with a water repellency finish that blocks liquid from reaching your seats.

For additional information visit www.covercraft.com.



These rebuild and conversion kits from Quick Fuel Technology are available for all 4150 style four barrel carbs with mechanical secondaries for about $45.00.

Each kit includes slabbed Teflon®-coated throttle shafts, high-flow button head throttle plate screws, Teflon® bearing ribbons, and three different linkage rods that control when the secondary throttle shaft opens.

For more information visit www.quickfueltechnology.com or e-mail the fuel system experts at quickfuel@earthlink.net.


Now you can install three 2 1/16-inch gauges of your choice into this custom made dash pad. JUST DASHES has just completed the R&D to create a pad that looks totally restored and will fit the 1968-’70 Mopar B-Body cars. The pad is available in the correct vinyl grain, and all the original factory colors, or a custom color matching your supplied swatch. JUST DASHES can also add gauges to your original B-Body pad.

The three gauge pods angle toward the driver so you can monitor your car’s vital functions at a glance. You simply buy the gauges you wish to add, i.e. boost, clock, trans temp, etc., install and you’re on the road in style. The pad is engineered to fit exactly back into your vehicle, and the only alteration is drilling a hole for the wiring/sensors to pass through.

For additional information, contact JUST DASHES, 5941 Lemona Avenue, Van Nuys, CA 91411, 800-247-3274, In CA 818-780-9005, Fax: 818-780-9014.

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